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a surface that is vertical

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We needed to maintain clearance from the upper ridge of the vertical surface.
Given that people said tarantulas couldn't stay on a vertical surface, we didn't want to find that they were right.
For the interior, the vertical surfaces are illuminated in light and color accents with limited articulation.
Climbers, especially those with flamboyant flowers or fantastic foliage, can transform "dead" vertical surfaces into truly gorgeous living walls.
To see if the glaze has moved when fired, use black underglaze to place a line across the bottom of the vertical surface.
Flipping over the top of the wall, they hang by their hands, doing zigzagging footwork on the vertical surface, jeteing in slow motion, and huddling together in sculptural tableaus.
A pan/tilt/rotation mechanism allows mounting of the camera on any horizontal or vertical surface.
The dispenser is a flexible unit that can stand on a counter or hang on any vertical surface such as racking.
Using a sturdy, nonmarring tape, hang your canvas on a flat, vertical surface in a room that can be darkened, so the projected image will be easier to see.
PERFECT for Pots plant hangers are the simple solution to securing terracotta pots to any vertical surface.
The SDM-N50PS offers users portrait and landscape modes for maximum flexibility and image control, and can be hung on any wall or other vertical surface in either a portrait or landscape orientation.
Wall washing spreads light evenly over a vertical surface, such as louver doors, to push out the perimeter of a space.
They define a vertical learning environment as any vertical surface covered with two- and three-dimensional objects that afford children opportunities for perception, manipulation, interaction, construction of knowledge and representation.
and removal of form work for vertical surface such as walls at any thickness, including attached pilasters, buttresses, plinth cills and string courses cost of all materials, labour complete as per specifications.