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a surface that is vertical

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A snail crawling on a vertical surface may experience constraints on foot shape that affect locomotion, and thereby affect scaling relationships between size and speed.
Keep in mind that this trick can lead to drips on vertical surfaces.
We needed to maintain clearance from the upper ridge of the vertical surface.
The aim of the present paper is to investigate the effects of variable viscosity or temperature dependent viscosity, magnetic field, radiation and heat generation/absorption on mixed convection boundary layer flow over a vertical surface embedded in a porous medium.
Given that people said tarantulas couldn't stay on a vertical surface, we didn't want to find that they were right.
For the interior, the vertical surfaces are illuminated in light and color accents with limited articulation.
Vines add interest to any vertical surface, be it a wall with supports attached or an arch or pergola.
Designed for installation on any vertical surface or bulkhead within the cab--the quick release mounting bracket provides a simple and secure method of location.
Art, designs and patterns can be enlarged up to 10 times onto a wall, easel or other vertical surface for quick and easy tracing, drawing and viewing so one can create murals, signs, paintings and more.
Flipping over the top of the wall, they hang by their hands, doing zigzagging footwork on the vertical surface, jeteing in slow motion, and huddling together in sculptural tableaus.
But this under-estimates how much UV hits a vertical surface when the sun in low in the sky, say the German researchers.
A pan/tilt/rotation mechanism allows mounting of the camera on any horizontal or vertical surface.
The dispenser is a flexible unit that can stand on a counter or hang on any vertical surface such as racking.
MB: Yes, most of the Fountain drawings were done on the floor; I shifted back and forth from the vertical surface of the easel to the horizontal surface of the floor.