vertical stabilizer

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a stabilizer that is part of the vertical tail structure of an airplane

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The NTSB determined the vertical stabilizer failed, in part, after loads beyond its ultimate design were created by the first officer's rudder input, even though the airplane was well below its maneuvering speed ([V.
We looked at a variety of material options for the vertical stabilizer, including all-composite and composite-metal hybrid versions," he said.
Major subcontractors include Northrop Grumman (design and integration of the center fuselage with the weapons bay), BAE Systems in the UK (aft fuselage, horizontal and vertical stabilizers, and wing-fold mechanism for the Navy version), Pratt and Whitney (engine), and Rolls Royce (counter-rotating lifting fans for the F-35B version).
Cracks were found in the plane's vertical stabilizer after loading tests conducted in May and June this year.
If you build a copy with lighter balsa wood and add a vertical stabilizer, you get a so-so version of a toy glider.
Quetzalcoatlus alo didn't have a vertical stabilizer, as planes do, bit it did have a very narrow and movable head, which could be used as a front-end rudder for controlling yawing (the tendency to swing from side to side).
The empennage section's vertical stabilizer upper portion was damaged, but the horizontal stabilizers were intact.
Mating of the various aircraft fuselage sections has begun and the vertical stabilizer (tail fin) has been attached.
Boeing said that the vertical stabilizer on this 787-9 reflects the new Boeing Commercial Airplanes livery, a refreshed look for the Boeing family of airplanes that started with the 747-8 and evolved with the 737 MAX.
2/24/2011 F-18D Port leading edge flap seal departed aircraft in flight and punctured starboard vertical stabilizer.
Meanwhile, recovery of the plane's vertical stabilizer could help narrow the search for voice and data recorders, which are usually carried in the tail section of an aircraft.
For instance, ice may have been building on a roof comm antenna, came off at once and smacked the vertical stabilizer.
Had the hatch come loose in flight, it may have severely damaged the vertical stabilizer - outstanding catch
His starboard wing tore off the parked plane's vertical stabilizer, while his starboard gear dragged through the aft part of the fuselage.
An aircraft's tail fin is known as a vertical stabilizer.