vertical stabiliser

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a stabilizer that is part of the vertical tail structure of an airplane

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Peter Goelz, a former managing director of the National Transportation Safety Board, said the faulty airspeed readings and the fact the vertical stabiliser was sheared from the jet could be related - though he warned it would need to be determined if the stabiliser was torn off in flight or upon impact.
The tail section includes the vertical stabiliser - which keeps the plane's nose from swinging back and forth - and the rudder, which generates and controls the side-to-side motion of an aircraft.
Endeavour's vertical stabiliser, orbital manoeuvering system pods and payload bay are seen in this image photographed by an STS-123 crew member onboard the shuttle.
Employing the latest technologies in its airframe and engine, the MRJ will be the first regional jet to use composite material for it wings and vertical stabiliser.
The project at Stade, Germany is near completion of the installation phase and will provide automatic painting of the Vertical Stabiliser (tail fin) with a Durr EcoPaint Robot upon a 19.
In future the so-called Pilot Ground Situation Awareness System (PGSA) should enable pilots to manoeuvre unaided on the ground using cameras on the fuselage and vertical stabiliser as well as sensors placed on the wing tips.
The vertical stabiliser from the tail section of the Airbus A330-200 aircraft has been found and may help authorities to discover the cause of the accident.
Both aircraft are painted in a new Varig livery which features a starburst pattern which can appear in three different positions on the vertical stabiliser, depending on the aircraft.
The investigation is focusing on the aircraft's vertical stabiliser and the possible impact of wake turbulence generated from a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 that took off nearly two minutes ahead of flight 587 and headed out on the same initial flight path.
Alenia Aeronautica will provide horizontal and vertical stabilisers equipped with hydraulic, electrical and flight control systems, lights and antennas.