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a mechanical drawing showing the interior of an object as if made by a vertical plane passing through it

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The SEM morphologies of the cross sections and the vertical sections of LLDPE fibrils in PS matrix without recovery are shown in Fig.
The students then considered a south-north-oriented vertical section across the cyclone center and found a prominent region of supercooled cloud liquid water in the region of intense snowfall (Fig.
To estimate the values and variability of the stress components in the vertical section of the drill hole, first we determined the rock types, texture, structure, composition and density of the 43 deep samples delivered from Finland.
The Hills 2 (2010) has a pink vertical section that looks like prominent buttocks in an elliptical effect reminiscent of Cecily Brown's barely decipherable paintings of nudes.
API oil from a Barik Fm in the vertical section of the Farha South-3 well.
TO paint a staircase and achieve the best finish, while keeping disruption to a minimum, paint all of the risers (the vertical section of the step) but only paint alternate treads so you can continue using the other stairs.
If the number of space heaters used is not known then allot one space heater per vertical section.
The basic idea integrates multiple flasher sonar units to simultaneously monitor more than one vertical section of water.
Living spaces are to be organised on a human scale and rhythm over a staggered vertical section, maximising passive solar gain in winter as well as minimising overshadowing.
is used, which is the radius of the vertical section of the (unique) toroidal surface corresponding to the current value of [alpha].
The difficulty is paint collecting in the crevices and corners where the wooden strips meet the vertical section of the door.
Two smaller rigs drill the vertical section of the horizontal wells.