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a mechanical drawing showing the interior of an object as if made by a vertical plane passing through it

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The basic idea integrates multiple flasher sonar units to simultaneously monitor more than one vertical section of water.
Living spaces are to be organised on a human scale and rhythm over a staggered vertical section, maximising passive solar gain in winter as well as minimising overshadowing.
is used, which is the radius of the vertical section of the (unique) toroidal surface corresponding to the current value of [alpha].
The difficulty is paint collecting in the crevices and corners where the wooden strips meet the vertical section of the door.
Two smaller rigs drill the vertical section of the horizontal wells.
8 BURN (OR, THE 2ND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS) (BRADLEY EROS) A vertical section of found footage of a stripper melts as Eros burns the film before our eyes, to the sound of Scorsese taxi driver Travis Bickle describing the "filthy mass" of pimps, prostitutes, and hoodlums who pour into New York's streets at night.
The vertical section Soldiers were the only ones on the ground to work the concrete into the form, and the engineer Soldiers provided local security.
Positioned as the first ever integrated, energy hub in the region, the multi-$bn Energy City, will significantly enhance the Gulf region's ability to capture critical revenue streams from hydrocarbons, and act as a nucleus for the core elements of the vertical section of the Middle East's oil and gas industry.
Computer simulation was used to construct a vertical section between a simple ductile iron cast part and a FeSi inoculant.
In a typical well that would use this process, you have a vertical section and a horizontal section.
Tenders are invited for Underground Development Work At -370 Feet Level Of Vertical Section At Chikla Mine
Brisbane, Australia, Dec 17, 2012 - (ABN Newswire) - Pryme Energy Limited (ASX:PYM) (OTCQX:POGLY) announce that the intermediate casing in the vertical section of the Rosewood Plantation 21H No.