vertical integration

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absorption into a single firm of several firms involved in all aspects of a product's manufacture from raw materials to distribution

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Whether long term behavioural section 87B undertakings are capable of addressing the scale and complexity of vertical integration of Brookfield s monopoly infrastructure assets with Asciano s above rail operations.
Our vertical integration strategy allows us to innovate and manufacture high-quality products in the USA at very competitive pricing, which ensures our market leadership," said Walter Ellis, Executive VP/GM of RGF Environmental.
The right Technology Partner holds the key for a successful Vertical Integration Solution for Niche TLDs.
Last night Mr Crow, RMT general secretary, said: "Common sense has prevailed in Merseytravel and this decision can only be welcomed as the first defeat for the McNulty proposals to break up Network Rail "What the train operators are calling vertical integration is nothing of the sort and would only amount to more dangerous fragmentation of infrastructure.
An Independent Nurse poll of 121 respondents found that 72% believed vertical integration could harm patient care and 74% were concerned that the move could lead to job cuts.
Using this data I also test theories about vertical integration and capital market development.
poultry, egg, and pork industries each have experienced increases in contracting and vertical integration.
As the vertical integration of supply chains gobble up small operators and empty out rural communities, research from across the country shows that communities end up with a few wealthy people, a majority of poor laborers, and virtually no middle class.
African American businesses embrace the practice of vertical integration
But the selling off of vertical lines of businesses, widely called vertical disintegration, reverses a long-time established trend toward high levels of vertical integration (Harrigan, 1984; Steingraber, 1990).
laws and regulations forbade film studios from owning movie theaters, and television networks from producing their own entertainment programs, because it was understood that this sort of vertical integration would effectively prohibit newcomers from entering these production industries.
NEW YORK-Success in vertical integration depends on high brand awareness coupled with high sensitivity, according to leaders in HFN's Top 200 ranking of retailers.
However, the expected economies of scale of traditional vertical integration have so far not shown themselves to be particularly viable in healthcare (or in other industries, for that matter).
He and others said it's more difficult to block a merger based on vertical integration grounds.
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