vertical flute

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a tubular wind instrument with 8 finger holes and a fipple mouthpiece

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Where Carter might have opted for crisp uniformity by smoothing the face of each vertical flute of the aforementioned lidded bowl to seamless perfection, she has instead chosen to soften, yet not erase, the marks of hand and tool that fashioned each flute.
Vertical Flute box used by Organic Matters will stand upright on a pallet, meaning that 20 rather than 16 packs will fit on a single pallet layer.
7-meterwide die for custom PP profile with very fine vertical flutes (1.
However, as in the many historical descriptions of Indian music from the early colonial period, it is impossible to ascertain whether these vertical flutes (e.
The injection moulded PP pot features vertical flutes to help disperse heat from the top of the container ensuring safe handling - while the large decoration area provides ample space for the brand to stamp its identity.