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a file in which records are stored upright on one edge

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Another puzzle: a copy of a photograph dated "1928," from a vertical file in the Boston Public Library, shows "Diana Thorne" sitting between her sister "Kitty" and her husband "Carton Moore Park.
Try using vertical files, an "in use" filing cabinet, or simply some shelves away from your work space on which to keep active information.
Historical Commission vertical file, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Other databases expected to become available on DIALOG in the future include Current Biography; Wilson Author Biographies; Wilson Art Abstracts; Wilson Business Abstracts; Wilson Education Abstracts; Wilson General Science Abstracts; Wilson Humanities Abstracts; Wilson Social Sciences Abstracts; Library Literature; Biography Index; Book Review Digest; Cumulative Book Index; Biological & Agricultural Index; Index to Legal Periodicals & Books; Bibliographic Index; and Vertical File Index.
Farmington Public Library (Farmington, MO), Lynn Crites wrote, "We're now adding vertical file titles, children's books with cassettes, audio cassettes, comic books .
Stackable Storage units feature solutions like stackable media drawers, single high laterals, bookcases and storage cabinets and the Premium Vertical file, a vertical file built as solid as a lateral file.
Other possible applications include the production of newspaper or vertical file indexes or indexes to special collections.
There were 250 boxes of miscellaneous genealogical clippings, pamphlets, charts, and letters processed and these form the basis of a vertical file with card catalog subject access.
Metallic vertical file 4 drawers,battery seating for 3,modular desk (style l)
3 vertical file drawers with safe,4 lateral file drawers,4 vertical file drawers,vertical cabinet with blind,semi-executive chair etc.
Contract awarded for 1 office 4 modular workstations, one four-drawer vertical file, one chipboard shelves and 1 file for metal posters
4 drawer vertical file with key structure metal,secretarial type desk with metal structure with chapa, coating wooden board,bookstore 4 shelves metal door glass,chairs with secretarial rodos, holder arms
Another voluminous source of information in the Hackley Collection is its vertical files.
The collection also includes administrative records, vertical files of CABC ministers and missionaries, and photographs.
A Case Study of a Hybrid Online Course Using the FYILLAA Tool" (Crystal Gale) [abstract only]; (27) "Remember The Rolodex, Vertical Files, and the Reference Desk Notebook?
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