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a great circle on the celestial sphere passing through the zenith and perpendicular to the horizon

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In principle this goniometer employs an 8-inch vertical circle with four verniers.
The vertical circle V is of hoop form, and is graduated 100 [degrees] right and left of zero at the top of the vertical diameter: An indicator I is maintained in close contact with the limb by a spring, and it carries a radial rod in terminating in the perpendicular contact-plane n.
The horizontal circle H corresponds to the equator on a globe, the vertical circle a meridian and its 0 point the north pole.
Model 3, in which the vertical circle is not constructed with a stationary arc but is connected to an independent axis.
The axial bearing for the horizontal circle, as well as the angle piece for the vertical circle and its corresponding counterweight, are also contained in the base [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 78 OMITTED].
The azimuth angle phi is measured on the vertical circle and the polar angle rho on the horizontal one.
Additionally, the vertical circle is mounted on a slide so that it can be moved in and out of the geometric center.
The axis of the vertical circle also has a central boring in which a triangular prismatic rod is capable of sliding, being driven in the direction of its length (horizontally) by the mother-nut e.
has] improvements as follows: The mode of construction of the axes and their vertical and horizontal bearings and supports enables the horizontal circle to be rotated to any extent with respect to the vertical circle carrier, so that any pole-position can be employed, and the observer is not limited to particular and possibly very inconvenient pole-positions.
Through some simple manipulation the vertical circle and its counterweight may be removed and a goniometer head may be mounted on the horizontal circle.
Thereby the stability of the instrument is considerably improved [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 83 OMITTED], and inaccuracies that occur through the rotation of the heavy vertical circle and its counterweight can be avoided.
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