vertical bank

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a bank so steep that the plane's lateral axis approaches the vertical

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Belted Kingfishers (Megacerlye alcyon) often excavate nest burrows in natural bare vertical banks adjacent to water (Mousley 1938, Brooks and Davis 1987, Shields and Kelly 1997, Woodall 2001) but also use those created by human activity, such as in gravel quarries and railroad and road cuts (Ridgway 1869, Bent 1940, Cornwell 1963, Hamas 1994).
9-m depth) off a flooded vertical bank comprised of mud and clay (22.
Collected with a hoop net set over a vertical bank of mud and clay (28.
This design was clearly influenced by Schinkel, as was St Margaret's House in Wells Street (happily still standing) where the vertical pilasters or piers of brick between the vertical banks of windows are elided with the flat entablature (Fig.
The stream was quite narrow and had vertical banks, and he just couldn't get his back legs under him to stand up, so he was thrashing about until he was sedated.
The corps would reshape steep vertical banks, create nesting berms and remove encroaching vegetation.
Above the vanity, glass shelves and vertical banks of lights were mounted directly through a room-doubling mirror.
The use of transparent Lexan Visualfx special effects resin also allowed Ted Brewer Violins to incorporate a special illumination feature: the Vivo2 violin has a built-in sound-to-light capability using two vertical banks of super-bright white LEDs.