vertical angle

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either of two equal and opposite angles formed by the intersection of two straight lines

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tilt] can be easily obtained by averaging the vertical angles of the all users.
Each laser is mounted at a specific vertical angle to a spinning head moving at a rate of 5 Hz to 15 Hz.
If calibration of horizontal angle measures can be realized implementing different types of horizontal precise rotary tables (of different accuracy) available in industry, calibration of vertical angle measurements is a serious problem since very special instrumentation is needed for this task.
After the acquisition of a standard PA radiograph, eight other PA radiographs were taken by regularly varying the vertical angle from +10[degrees] to +40[degrees] (Figure 2) and from -10[degrees] to -40[degrees] (Figure 3), using a protractor.
Modular, all-weather, 24-7, precision azimuth and vertical angle module supplement the celestial capability This gives a precise target location in various operational environments uninhibited by magnetic disturbances.
Due to this reason, the raster scales of vertical angle measuring systems can be measured using the methods of flat angle calibration.
where: [alpha]--the vertical angle of the tug line.
Several studies have been done on the evaluation of electromagnetic fields due to lightning channel with the assumption that the lightning channel strikes the ground at a vertical angle [2].
King reasons that long casts not only allow for maximum water coverage, but at a horizontal rather than vertical angle, when he drags the rig along bottom, it hops over bumps, which really gets the tail of the worm dancing.
On downwind the vertical angle should be between 30 and 45 degrees, and the altitude should appear to be about a normal pattern altitude.
The spherical coordinates of a target (horizontal angle, vertical angle and range) reported by a laser tracker suffer from systematic errors due to various geometric and optical misalignments (1).
Results showed that the proposed technique, with mesial and vertical angle variation, using the anterior tooth film holder had improved the dissociation of buccal and lingual root canals in maxillary premolars in both radiographic systems, conventional and digital, with larger root apex distances.
While the horizontal angle determines our emotional involvement with the RPs (frontal angle), or detachment (oblique angle) from them, the vertical angle reflects relationships of power and vulnerability, depending on whether the RPs are looked at from a low or a high angle respectively.
Viewing with a horizontal and vertical angle of 176[degrees], NEC LCD Technologies' NL804BC24-04 9" amorphous-silicon TFT LCD module demonstrates a luminance of 530 cd/[m.
In spite of literature in dance pedagogy that suggests that the pelvis should remain immobile during grand rond de jambe, the authors conclude that the pelvis is the primary contributor to the gesture leg range of motion for increased vertical angle demands.
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