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Synonyms for vertical

Synonyms for vertical

at right angles to the horizon or to level ground

Synonyms for vertical

something that is oriented vertically

Related Words

a vertical structural member as a post or stake

at right angles to the plane of the horizon or a base line

upright in position or posture


of or relating to different levels in a hierarchy (as levels of social class or income group)

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Standard features: Modular construction, three screw diameters, injection unit convertible to vertical parting-line position; injection unit movable horizontally for off-centered injection (Vario principle) on 77-ton model; Selogica control with graphical sequence programming and integrated robot and peripheral-device programmability.
The latest offering from Vertical, due out in July, is Zero Over Berlin, a World War II novel from the perspective of the Axis powers, by Joh Sasaki.
Diamond Peak: 1,840 vertical feet; seven lifts; (775) 831-3211; www.
A separate vertical assessment needs to be made for on-demand outsourcing services as the vertical market drivers for on-demand services vary from those of traditional IT outsourcing contracts.
If the corner sees the QB take a quick set and the receiver get vertical to his outside, he will immediately go into man coverage.
It is well known that the perception of the visual vertical is impaired by several types of central nervous system disorders (3,4) and peripheral vestibular lesions.
B], distance d, width [DELTA]X and height [DELTA]Y of the aperture, and the angle between the vertical center of the aperture and the orbital plane of the electrons [psi].
centralized control systems, vertical integration has typically been the first step in consolidating businesses that have been traditionally fragmented, such as health care.
Vertical Axis Compaction Table--Vertical axis compaction tables, widely used in the foundry industry, are usually positioned below the flask-handling system, elevating the flask from the bottom.
It outlines current and projected market sizes for vertical contact center investment.
Vertical Networks' typical customer is a growing enterprise trying to integrate multiple branch offices or stores into a coherent business communications strategy," said Dean Schoen, vice president of marketing at Vertical Networks.
Paul Stone became the first pilot from the United Kingdom to complete a vertical landing in the Boeing joint strike fighter X-32B short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) aircraft.
Vertical squeeze casting was introduced by Ube Industries in 1976.