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Preliminary analyses of new samples show vertebrate occurrences in these lower units, indicating that the scarcity may be the result of sampling bias.
Brown concludes that "fish compare well to the rest of the vertebrates in most tasks," differing little in cognitive and behavioral complexity from primates.
Vertebrates, or backboned animals, come in two basic models: jawless and jawed.
And they believe it is the "missing link" in the development of vertebrates, offering more clues to the evolution of humans.
Placoderms were also some of the first vertebrates to have necks separating their heads and shoulder bones, allowing the fish to move their heads independently of the rest of their bodies.
A small vertebrate is here defined as an amphibian, reptile, or mammal smaller than an opossum; a small vertebrate that can be captured utilizing pitfall and/or funnel traps.
This paper presents a causative model for the origin of the vertebrate skeleton based on the premise that the body is a mosaic enlargement of self-organized patterns engrained in the membrane of the egg cell.
Outcomes for the new vertebrate dissection laboratory are shown in Figure 1.
Unit 2 has many structures that appear to be vertebrate burrows (Figures 1 and 2).
Western Bluebirds commonly beat invertebrate prey against a perch before consumption, and both Flanigan (1971) and Pinkowski (1974) reported Eastern Bluebirds beating vertebrate prey items against perches before consuming them.
Direct methods include quantifying virus salivated into drops of blood, virus detected in vertebrate tissues immediately after mosquito feeding, virus salivated into blood agar, and virus salivated into fluids such as oil.
Peterson's colleague, Warren Heideman, also a UW-Madison professor of pharmacy, further notes that the zebrafish being a vertebrate bolsters its value as a model species.
Like you--or any vertebrate (animal with a backbone)--this male cow sports skeletal muscles (tissues that attach to bones and shorten to produce movement).
They hope to have it listed as the world's smallest and lightest vertebrate.
San Diego, CA) and Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (Madison, WI) have patented a method for delivering an isolated polynucleotide to the interior of a cell in a vertebrate, comprising the interstitial introduction of an isolated polynucleotide into a tissue of the vertebrate where the polynucleotide is taken up by the cells of the tissue and exerts a therapeutic effect on the vertebrate.