vertebral canal

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the canal in successive vertebrae through which the spinal cord passes

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Carl Spivak, neurosurgeon at Bassett Hospital Cooperstown in New York, talked about the anatomy of the lumbar spine, the transforaminal access to the vertebral canal and suitable indications.
A radicular syndrome from developmental narrowing of the lumbar vertebral canal.
Spinal epidural lipomatosis (SEL) is a state of pathological fatty tissue overgrowth in the vertebral canal.
It can also show extension of tumor to retroperitoneal lymph nodes, to the liver, around central vessels, and into the vertebral canal.
While others have suggested that larger spinal epidural abscesses that involve a considerable length of the vertebral canal may be more amenable to percutaneous drainage, all seven of our patients had abscesses [less than or equal to]2 vertebral bodies in size.