vertebral artery

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the first branch of the subclavian artery

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The dissection of his vertebral artery was a very rare complication of a soft tissue neck injury, said the judge.
We retrospectively collected data for all patients presenting with dissection of the internal carotid or vertebral artery from January 2000 to January 2013.
Vertebral artery aneurysms and dissections are known complications of spinal manipulation procedures (1, 2).
It is not uncommon for vertebral artery injury to occur when there are fractures through the transverse foraminae of the first to the sixth vertebral bodies.
In humans, the vertebral artery really hugs the hollow cavities in the neck.
The team also found that the owl's vertebral artery enters the neck higher up than in other birds - going in at the owl's 12th cervical vertebrae instead of the owl's 14th cervical vertebrae - allowing for more vessel room and slack.
Norman Chapin, the emergency department director, who formed an initial diagnosis that included possible stroke, possible peripheral vertigo and possible vertebral artery dissection (VAD).
5-mm diameter needle was inserted through each alar foramen to make the vertebral artery permanently occluded by electrocautery.
The major area of concern in treating the cervical spine is the close proximity of the vertebral artery to the joints of the cervical spine.
The mechanisms triggering haemorrhage into the retropharyngeal space are thought to be due to injury to the longus colli muscles on the anterior surface of the vertebral bodies, the anterior longitudinal ligament or the anterior muscular and spinal branches of the vertebral artery (3).
A computed tomography angiography showed a circumferential intimal thickening interesting the right, subclavian artery, vertebral artery and the primitive carotid artery reducing their diameter (Fig.
The writing committee recommended that patients with stenosis of the carotid artery or vertebral artery should receive optimal medical therapy, including antiplatelet drugs, statins, and risk factor modification.
Other areas covered include genetic disease and DNA diagnosis, autopsy protocol for examination of the V3-V4 segments of the vertebral artery, and the Introna-Corrado method.
Intracranial MRA showed apparent narrowing of the A1 segment of the right anterior cerebral artery (Figure 3), while extracranial MRA showed slight narrowing of the left vertebral artery terminus at the confluence of the vertebral arteries (Figure 4).
Prosecutors said the pair agreed to go outside where Mr Siner punched Mr Jones, knocking him out cold with a blow which ruptured his vertebral artery.