vertebral arch

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a structure arising dorsally from a vertebral centrum and enclosing the spinal cord


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Many reports have shown abscess formation in vertebral arch, in spleen, in liver, in renal parenchyma etc.
The final diagnosis was paraparesis as a result of an intradural, infiltrative spinal lipoma with segmental infiltration of the lumbosacral spinal cord and dorsal compression of the vertebral arch.
We performed left-sided occipital cervical fusion by connecting vertebral arch pedicle screws with the occipital bone plate that had been secured to the resin-made occipital bone.
Various vertebral anomalies of anatomic interest have been reported namely; Occipitalisation, Sacralisation, Lumbarisation, absence of posterior elements of vertebral arch & vertebral synostosis.
With the exception of the first and second cervical vertebrae, the spinal vertebrae have similar structural components that can be divided into 2 distinct sections: the body and the vertebral arch.