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a metrical adaptation of something (e

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the form or metrical composition of a poem

the art or practice of writing verse

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In this article, we address one such problem--the interaction between rhythm (stress patterns internal to the poetic line) and rhyme (repetition of line endings)--on the basis of an in-depth statistical study of the Onegin stanza, a poetic form that developed within Russian syllabo-accentual system of versification in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Au menu notamment, des recitals de poesie auquel participeront des jeunes mordus de la versification, au Riad du Ksar Boudenib et enfin des troupes folkloriques locales, telles la valse a hobi, les Ait Boudar, les Gnaoua et l'Ahidouss.
Each chapter " assesses] formal strategies that arise from frustrating, even humiliating, linguistic confrontations: English sentences' inability to mimic the periodic structure of classical prose; English poets' exclusion from the breeding ground of classical poetry; English meter's failure to adhere to the rules of Greek and Roman versification.
Les poetes Hassan Douas et Sakina Belabed liront des textes destines a familiariser les petits auditeurs avec l'art de la versification.
In Bone of Contention, Scott explained, "[I]t was the versatile Charles Bonnier who taught me the technique of versification and encouraged me actually to write poems" (p.
Fiorio is a versification of Boccaccio's Filocolo, which is based on one of the anonymous Italian Cantare di Fiorio e Biancifiore, popular in the thirteenth century and beyond (see Vincenzo Crescini: Il cantare di Fiorio e Biancifiore, Voi.
The contestants would show their skill of extempore versification of resolving a riddles.
At the same time, we cannot make use of any systems already developed, since differently from poets and earlier researchers of versification, we will not just study the syllables carrying the main stress.
His versification is tight, controlled, yet eloquently versatile and fluid.
This is the case, for example, with the ravaged assemblage of Huma Bhabha, both mute and mutable; Sterling Ruby's pumped-up deformities and melted-down fragments; and the more Brutalist (per) versification of Matherly's concrete poetry.
Chapter one traces the genealogy of this theory of versification from its beginnings in Joshua Steele's Prosodia Rationalis (1779) through William Mitford's Inquiry into the Principles of Harmony in Language (1804), John Thelwall's Illustrations of English Rhythms (1812), William Crowe's Treatise on English Versification (1827), William O'Brien's The Ancient Rhythmical Art Recovered (1843), Coventry Patmore's Prefatory Study of English Metrical Law (1878), the key ideas of which first appeared in "English Metrical Critics," in the August 1857 issue of the North British Review, and Sidney Lanier's The Science of English Verse (1880).
Cathey's "The Historical Setting of the Heliand, the Poem, and the Manuscripts" generally and gently introduces the religious and political contexts relevant to study of the Heliand and briefly discusses the poem's provenance, versification, manuscripts, and structure.
Cloete's Literere terme en teoriee (Literary terms and theories) and her work on the mterdenominational committee for the versification of the Psalms (1995-2003).
Crabbe's Borough, like a newspaper (as Hazlitt says), describes stories typically thought of as too small and composed of details too minute for the lofty subjects of versification.
Although being non-verbal in communication, poetry, like musical notation, also appears as a structured form, that is operating according to the categorized models, such as the rhythmic pattern, metric foot, rhyming pattern, versification pattern, alliteration, which are effectively used to develop a search method, submitted in consequence of building a new linguistic model based on structural patterns of poetic works, and by adapting some linguistic models [7].