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a metrical adaptation of something (e

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the form or metrical composition of a poem

the art or practice of writing verse

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Yves-Charles Morin traces the intricate web of dialectal phonetic variation in the formation of a normative versification during the sixteenth century; consensual compromise created its own aesthetic momentum and mechanisms of self-censure concealed the essential arbitrariness of the result.
They are forceful but melodramatic, crowded with coarse images and uneven versification, an attempt to imitate the invective of Juvenal.
The word reck is beloved, especially of Gerard Manley Hopkins, the profoundly religious 19th-century English poet, whose mastery and use of the English language in versification is captivating and may, nevertheless, sway even the non-religious mind that mine is.
Music, versification and soliloquy at times were mixed by the performers, almost equally represented by girls and boys, in the tableaus or short plays, and all performances were generously appreciated by the packed audience including parents, teachers and government officials.
He wrote most of the poems here at the height of his creative powers, while in exile in Gabon 1892-1902, and they exemplify Sufi, literary traditions in subject matter, form, and versification.
Such exhibitions will attract a lot of visitors from the neighbouring countries, which will boost the tourism industry, and help versification of the national economy," Sulaiti said.
For it will not quite do to join the appreciative reviewer last cited in reporting that Webster's versification boasts "no showy qualities" (Westminster Review, p.
Byron haughtily dismissed Wordsworth's "namby-pamby" versification, and newspapers complained frequently about the simplistic nursery-rhyme stylistics then becoming popular.
Authorship, collaboration, and versification are the focuses of Marlina Tarlinskaja's study of John Ford's play The Laws of Candy.
Shakespeare and the Versification of English Drama, 1561-1642.
William Baker's paper applies cognitive poetics to a reading of Harold Pinter's poetry, and by focusing on "meaning, affect, perceived qualities, and versification," he discusses the difference between traditional scansion of metre, sound and rhythm, and different modes of hearing speech sounds and their thematic meaning.
Au menu notamment, des recitals de poesie auquel participeront des jeunes mordus de la versification, au Riad du Ksar Boudenib et enfin des troupes folkloriques locales, telles la valse a hobi, les Ait Boudar, les Gnaoua et l'Ahidouss.
It cannot be ignored that Polish and English have different versification systems and that English verse is not based on syllable count in the same way as Polish.
Each Headnote also outlines its pageants sources and analogues, and discusses pertinent theatrical and literary issues, and versification.
PTI Punjab would mark the victory form the constituency after thumbs versification and hoped that this thumb verification would take place in a free fair and transparent manner.