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At the end of the experiment, the surviving abalone (including those in the control group) were shucked, and each shell was placed in a 200-mL container with the vermifuge solution for 5 h (Fig.
est utilisee surtout contre les diarrhees et les maladies gastro-intestinales alors que Artemisia herba alba est indiquee souvent comme vermifuge.
An article on the efficacy of a chelonian vermifuge observed that cloacal flushes lack sensitivity which may also be partly responsible for our negative results (Bodri et al.
It has been considered to increase longevity and to confer stamina and physical strength, and it has been used empirically as a vermifuge, antiseptic, antimicrobic, antipyretic, and analgesic.
Popular medicine in South America uses the macerated exocarp of the avocado's fruit, either macerated or in powder, as a vermifuge, and the leaves and bark as antihelminthic, emmenagogic and antiperiodic, and the liquid extract of the seed as a remedy for neuralgia and rheumatic pains.
In particular the Male fern (Dryopteris felixmas) was used as a vermifuge to expel tapeworms.
By the same token, an herbalist was someone who made sick people well through prescribing the appropriate tincture, decoction, carminatie, vermifuge or tea - all derived from plants.
Beside offering the traditional remedies, he also went to the pharmacy and bought a vermifuge which he administered to the patient.
Traditionally, hops are used as a vermifuge, which is also why beer drinkers hardly ever have worms.
capsules, liniments, ointments, tablets) manufacturing Pituitary gland preparations manufacturing Radioactive in-vivo diagnostic substances manufacturing Sedative preparations manufacturing Sodium chloride pharmaceutical preparations manufacturing Sodium salicylate preparations manufacturing Suppositories manufacturing Technetium medicinal preparations manufacturing Thyroid preparations manufacturing Tincture of iodine preparations manufacturing Tranquilizer preparations manufacturing Vermifuge preparations manufacturing Veterinary medicinal preparations manufacturing Vitamin preparations manufacturing Water (i.
Euphorbia helioscopia whole plant has great medicinal importance, the leaves and stems are used as febrifuge and vermifuge (Wu et al.
In addition to its culinary uses, tamarind is considered to be a powerful laxative and vermifuge.
Styptic internally, seeds as vermifuge Prunella vulgaris Linn.
This plant is considered as vermifuge, antiseptic, antimalarial, aperitif, eupeptic, diuretic, vulnerary and also as an active ingredient against amenorrhoea and leucorrhoea (Fournier, 1947; Cazin, 1876).
diuretic, vermifuge, sedative, tonic, and vulnerary (wound healing) properties.