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decorated with wormlike tracery or markings

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In this paper a complete TMF analysis methodology is developed and applied to two cylinder heads made from two different grades of cast iron, namely the lamellar graphite cast iron GJL250 and vermicular graphite cast iron GVJ450.
In the present study, cutting force (f) resulting from the machinability of austempered vermicular graphite cast irons (VGCI) is considered as a measurable output parameter with respect to the input parameters, namely cutting speed, feed rate, and hardness.
Male: Carapace shield-shaped with the greatest width in the rear area, very flat; Dorsal surface vermicular rugos; nuchal-notch very flat, caudal-notch large with flat incision.
However, the head is marked with irregular spots and bands rather than zebra-like bars and the vermicular pattern of the body is less complex.
The cylinder housing is vermicular graphite cast iron, which VW notes is 15% lighter than conventional cast iron.
up through the vermicular furnaces and vehicular swishing
A madrepore is a kind of coral; a radiated organism similar to a star fish; a vermicular organism, a worm.
In this study, we will use the notion of compact graphite for the separations of nodular graphite and for the separations of vermicular graphite.
Factors that were more specific for malignancy included the linear, branched and vermicular shape of MCs (Le Gal type 5) and irregularity in size and density of MCs.
Filigree shorthand, vermicular strokes, and halos of light hang together in the conviction that ornament is a code for the chaotic relatedness of incidents.
Attributes/comments: Vermicular is specially selected vermiculite which is colored to give a wide range of decorative effects.
Iron oxide cemented (Zh) regolith has a rigid fabric consisting of non-fractured and separated quartz grains, voids, and vermicular kaolin probably derived from mica in a ferruginous matrix cement which encases a gibbsitic matrix.
Aun las personas cultas, cuando es el apendice cecal, vermicular, le dan el genero femenino, pero en las demas acepciones le dan el masculino casi siempre.
Clinochlore occurs in its vermicular form in felted masses with curious subaerial shapes, commonly reaching 2 cm in length for a diameter of less than a millimeter, in a dolomitic gangue.
In CGI, the graphite vermicular structure resembles coral which produces a matrix stronger than gray cast iron, but not as strong as nodular iron.