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decorated with wormlike tracery or markings

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In charge 3 of modified cast iron, we have obtained graphite vermicular separations in a greater concentration (>75%), but also graphite nodular separations, both being type 5 (0.
The engine features four valves per cylinder, 90 [degrees] bank angle with 90 mm between bore centers and a vermicular graphite cast iron block (Audi claims this material is 15% lighter than cast iron--resulting in an overall dressed weight of just 498.
It is this spherical graphite shape that gives ductile iron its higher strength compared to gray or vermicular and compacted graphite irons, as well as the ability to appreciably elongate before fracture.
This overlies iron-silica and manganese pans that incorporate vermicular and nodular forms and also changes in composition with depth from dominantly manganiferous to ferruginous.
0-liter V6 uses four valves per cylinder, has a 90[degrees] bank angle, 90-mm between bore centers, and has a block made from vermicular graphite cast iron, which is 15% lighter than conventional cast iron, giving the 17.
The producing of the pig irons, used in order to modify and to obtain vermicular graphite, was made in an induction furnace, of a low frequency and with a capacity of 250 kilos and the treatment of the cast irons in order to obtain the compacting of the graphite separations, was made in a casting pot with 1000 kilos capacity, by applying the Sandwich procedure.
Some of the pearlitic ductile iron plates were low in magnesium content (Table 2), with a resulting structure consisting in a mixture of nodular and vermicular graphite particles in a pearlitic matrix.
The crankcase is made from gray cast iron combined with GJV-450 vermicular graphite, which makes this assembly 40% more rigid and 100% more fatigue resistant than plain gray cast iron.
When ductile iron is produced, a small coupon is poured at the end of each heat to verify that the graphite has precipitated in nodular form rather than in vermicular or flake form.
The structure of EG is loose, porous and vermicular, and therefore nanocomposites prepared from polymer and EG show poor mechanical properties (14-17).