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Synonyms for veritable

Synonyms for veritable

often used as intensifiers


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not counterfeit or copied

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While there has been a veritable deluge of fitness bands in recent times, the Vivofit fitness tracker from navigation-guru Garmin successfully manages to steal a few lux of spotlight from the Fitbits and Fuelbands.
Lors de cette rencontre, organisee a l'occasion de la visite officielle de deux jours (28-29 avril), qu'effectue le chef du gouvernement provisoire, Mehdi Jom en France, Wided Bouchammaoui, presidente de l'UTICA, a declare qu'il est temps de mettre en place une veritable alliance entre les entreprises tunisiennes et francaises'.
In other parts of the world that will be hosting their own NBA Global Games, which is a record of 12 NBA teams playing 10 regular season and pre-season games in 10 cities in seven countries and territories, other legends will be served as veritable ambassadors as well.
Le message royal adresse a la 1ere conference des ambassadeurs de SM le Roi dans le monde, qui s'est ouverte vendredi a Rabat, se veut "une veritable feuille de route des priorites et de la methodologie de travail de la diplomatie marocaine", a souligne le ministre des Affaires etrangeres et de la Cooperation, Sd Dine El Otmani.
Par Marwa Mourad Une page Facebook s'est transformee des le commencement des epreuves en veritable plateforme de partage des copies d'examens, photographiees et envoyees par les candidats au Bac eux-memes.
And if your goal is to raise money to support Jews and the Jewish Homeland, youare left with quite a conundrum, a veritable hornetas nest.
20 March 2012 - US AMG Wealth Partners LP, a subsidiary of asset management company Affiliated Managers Group Inc (NYSE:AMG), said on Tuesday it had sealed a definitive deal to buy an undisclosed equity interest in Veritable LP.
Global Banking News-February 2, 2012--Citi to provide hedge fund services to Veritable LP(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
With a lineup that's a veritable who's who of Worcester music, there's really no way to lose with local soul supergroup Beg, Scream and Shout.
The Haqqani network acts as a veritable arm of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Agency," Mullen told the Senate panel.
Mr Morris said: "What they identified from material in the bedroom was, to a paedophile, a veritable Aladdin's Cave.
Le debat sur le caractere contraignant ou non de l'objectif de 20a% de part des energies renouvelables dans le mix energetique de l'UE donne lieu a un veritable bras de fer entre Etats membres.
CHICAGO -- Nissan's Titan has been a veritable midget in the big-pickup truck market, mustering only a 3.
Where in the world--outside of the Middle East, of course--can one find a veritable tour of traditional and contemporary Middle Eastern dance?
From French Oven Stew; Candied Fruit Nuggets; Anchovy Fritters; and Venison North Idaho; to Sour Cream Raisin Pie; Cinnamon Apples; Erdbeere Bowle Strawberry Punch; and Taco Soup, "Recipes Logged From The Woods Of North Idaho" offers and veritable cornucopia of dishes that would satisfy any appetite and please any palate.