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About Accreditrust Accreditrust delivers sustainable trust through verifiable and portable digital credentials.
That core sanctions architecture would be maintained until there is a final comprehensive, verifiable agreement that resolves the international community's concerns," Carney said.
We confirm our commitment to lasting peace and the goal of the verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in a peaceful manner," the statement read.
There is consensus among the five parties that the verifiable denuclearization of the Korean peninsula remains the core objective and essential goal of our engagement with North Korea," Kelly said.
2) Applying our method for valuing third-party information, we show that verifiable information in the GM food market has potentially large and statistically significant social value.
170(f)(11)(E)(iii) further provides that an individual will not be treated as a qualified appraiser unless he or she (1) demonstrates verifiable education and experience in valuing the type of property subject to the appraisal and (2) has not been prohibited from practicing before the Service by the Secretary under 31 USC Section 330(c) at any time during the three-year period ending on the appraisal date.
Indeed - and again this is verifiable - that source close to McConnell has promised the First Minister will throw his weight behind any official move to honour big Billy.
There are few verifiable source identifiers within an email.
Much of the debate around current issues, such as fair value measurement, revolve around what was previously viewed, particularly with reference to CON 2, as a "tradeoff" between the primary qualitative characteristics of relevance of information and the reliability of that information (incorporating if the information was verifiable, and if it was a "faithful representation" of what it purported to represent).
The information on the various topics was factual and verifiable, with sources identified; and consequently they have been found to be reliable.
Their conclusion hinges on study participants remembering verifiable information related to the wartime events, such as the time of day that the radio announced liberation.
A simple color-coding of different types of speech (silver = verifiable facts, black = demands and orders, white = important truths that are left out, red = emotionally angry speech, brown = plain old B.
Amendments to IAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement--The Fair Value Option proposes restricting that valuation to financial assets and liabilities in any of five specific categories and with a verifiable fair value; comments are due July 21.
In other words, some information is verifiable and some information is not.
Well, this comic/'zine is verifiable, and I veritably say it is worth a couple shitters on the pot.