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Synonyms for verdigris

a blue or green powder used as a paint pigment

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a green patina that forms on copper or brass or bronze that has been exposed to the air or water for long periods of time

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You can remove the cartridges and clean them, then use a good leather cleaner/conditioner to remove the verdigris from the belt.
Bubbles and vermouth play together in the Saffron Cardamom Sparkling Cocktail at Verdigris.
Mark Chung, Verdigris co-founder and CEO, said, 'Fred has been an inspiration to many young engineers including myself early in my career.
SAVE: PS5 Woodstock Encore Collection Verdigris chimes, Amazon.
It's worth going there, even if only to behold the permanent outdoor sculpture by the late National Artist Vicente Manansala, his human figures beautifully aged by verdigris encrustation.
Artificial intelligence company Verdigris has announced an additional USD6.
This unusual Vierita Small Verdigris Wall Sconce is made from beautiful bronze and its elongated swirl and glass bowl add real finesse.
Copper, you see, is prone to attack by verdigris, a greenish deposit which is poisonous.
Dweller of nubile spaces of love The verdigris of spades will bloom
On the surface, Copenhagen looks rather generic European, a city of brick and concrete and tile and verdigris dulled by leaden skies.
Inside a copper box, which was green with verdigris, was a solid blob of light green papier-mache, which was probably once a pile of papers, and a penny.
The figures, like many of our statues, are now disfigured by verdigris and need cleaning and conservation to restore them to their original appearance.
Available in tr | aditional Verdigris and antique bronze finishes.
This site is located along a sharp bend of the Verdigris River, Montgomery County, Kansas within an area prone to severe riverbank erosion and was approved for a streambank stabilization project pending an archeological survey.