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Synonyms for verdancy

the lush appearance of flourishing vegetation

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Arboriculture (garden decoration) is deemed as a marvelous phenomenon in terms of symphony and harmony in Islamic architecture and it has been embedded in a uniform and systematic texture and cross point of passages, which include life and verdancy within their own range [13].
On one side was the forest in all its complex depth and verdancy, on the other side stretched the field, a wide field full of emptiness Where memory was hidden among the grasses.
They should not be understood only as a possible profit potential, where the attribute verdancy or the environmental suitability is adding to product, and marketing activities use them for commercial benefit, but should kept in mind the approach that is more complex, and in the long term business more efficient, including: fundamental changes in the company by defining the basic strategy for the company, marketing strategy, organizational structure and most importantly promotion of ecco-management.
Alone, she had managed to preserve Gombe's postage stamp of verdancy amid a combat zone of stripped forests and eroding hillsides unable to support either people or chimpanzees.
What is going on in this shadowy jungle landscape (which must recall the lush verdancy of Gauguin's Tahitian paintings)?
A fragrance of gossamer lightness, grounded in rich verdancy.
It would be unfair to blame the bag alone, as they are but one of many species of plastic life that will manifest itself over a relatively short period of time on the newly laid verdancy of the expensive green space.
Why, then, did the omnipresent verdancy (in all its guises--lime to teal, olive to emerald) feel at times superfluous, a gilding-the-lily excess?
Interminable verdancy * Plains of plants * Calligraphic raceme
3) Recognizing the "Six Vs,"--Value, Variability, Velocity, Visibility, Vulnerability, and Verdancy,--as traditional foundation conditions that must be monitored in order to avoid operational risk in a global supply chain.
Under the slant roof, in a kelp-sway of trees / I like on a thin, cottage bed / and whether it is wind or rain blowing through, / I only know it's green, / rolling down through moss, deep / into algae, and deeper, where green declines / to the dark verdancy glyphed / in a plum or the body's first minnowing.
20) I began running at the end of March, as the soccer goals were being reconstructed and the practice wickets began to descend into the overall verdancy of the oval, though even by the middle of May the ghost of the center pitch was still visible beneath the green veneer of the center circle--a palimpsest, I thought.
The temporality that will turn Richard Lovelace's eponymous grasshopper from verdancy to green ice is represented through the shift from the exclamatory mode we often find in lyric ("Oh thou that swing'st upon the waving haire / Of some well-filled Oaten Beard" [1-2]) to the declarative past perfect statements often associated with narrative: "Golden Eares are Cropt; / Ceres and Bacchus bid good night" (13-14).
Realistically, the gut is like the Colorado or Rio Grande rivers, which flow through the arid deserts and create fertility, verdancy, irrigation of crops, and a pleasant habitat.
She is mother of all, for contained in her are the seeds of all The earth of humankind contains all moistness, all verdancy, all germinating power.