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Synonyms for verbiage

Synonyms for verbiage

words or the use of words in excess of those needed for clarity or precision

Synonyms for verbiage

overabundance of words


the manner in which something is expressed in words

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While pictorials provide the important visual component of the hazard, the verbiage included on the safety label provides more finite detail around the hazard, hazard avoidance, and consequences.
Summary: Within subdivisions (a) and (b) changes preamble and reporting requirement verbiage to read "must" rather than "shall.
The tedious task ahead of me, according to the verbiage in the maintenance manual, would be to "carefully remove the plastic via an appropriately sized hammer and brass chisel, taking extreme precautions to not damage any surrounding wires, heaters, or electrical connections.
Billie's definition of feminism as "equality for girls and boys" cuts through acres of ridicule and verbiage.
The book is well written although uncommon verbiage and structure occasionally impede comprehension.
Flattering in his verbiage, he was taken in and offered refuge from reality in return for his wisdom, wit and a big wad of cash.
NO ONE WRITES dialogue like David Mamet, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright whose staccato bursts of verbiage produce an oddly accented, testosterone-heavy poetry.
I have been consistently impressed by both artists' work, but that afternoon I found myself crying actual tears of joy as I watched them redefine the possibilities of language in art by totally tapping into never-enacted patterns of verbiage.
Chesler sees those who address the racial dimension of the explicitly Jewish state as anti-Semites hiding behind progressive verbiage.
Half of the 12 residents wanted a kinder, gentler site, with minimal graphics and verbiage.
He got fight in Ty's face, ripping him apart with Japanese verbiage.
A participant posted some verbiage from California's Employment Development Department indicating its position that employee advances are taxable when received, not when reported to the payroll service.
Whether those merit the price of the book and all the highbrow verbiage that goes before, however, is an open question.
Minus the film interaction, however, the opus suffered from overwrought verbiage and meandering vignettes.
Finally, she says to ask what standard verbiage, such as disclaimers and warnings, comes stamped on the cart and whether these messages can be changed to meet the needs of the buyer.