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Synonyms for verbatim

Synonyms for verbatim

employing the very same words as another

Synonyms for verbatim

in precisely the same words used by a writer or speaker


Related Words

using exactly the same words

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As the world's leading supplier of optical media, combining the M- DISC, Verbatim and MKM brands further strengthens our position in the market and broadens our portfolio of archival-grade data storage products to both consumer and enterprise users.
The author stated the following verbatim in support of his comments "The concept of hospital nuclear pharmacy without radiopharmacist is absolutely wrong and may cause damages to the patient".
In a prior judgment, the tax court noted that a tax court's verbatim adoption of a party's market value determination in its post-trial brief "raises doubts over whether the tax court exercised its own skill and independent judgment.
Randy Queen, presidente de Verbatim, explico la importancia de Latinoamerica para la compania: "Es un mercado relevante debido al liderazgo de la marca desde hace aros; inclusive, es la de mayor participacion de mercado para la compania, principalmente de Mexico y Argentina, por encima de Estados Unidos y Canada".
The USB receiver is extremely small and can conveniently remain in the USB slot even when carrying around the netbook or laptop," explains Ziad Arab, Sales Manager Verbatim Middle East
Netbooks are becoming particularly popular in the market and these small computers suit our wireless Nano mice perfectly," explained Ziad Arab, sales manager, Verbatim Middle East.
To celebrate the launch of the new website, Verbatim is sponsoring a photo contest.
Pricing and Availability Verbatim 120, 160, 250 and 320GB 2.
By combining its worldwide brand strength with its new assets, Verbatim will offer an expanded range of optical, magnetic and flash products that meet the diverse storage needs of consumers and businesses around the globe.
Get your VERBATIM mugs, totes, caps, mousepads, sweatshirts, and tee-shirts at http://www.
Verbatim products include photopolymer resins specifically designed for printing on corrugated board, multi-wall bags and sacks, labels, molding applications and for the production of hand stamps.
Verbatim Corporation, a core member of the DVD+RW Alliance, has announced plans to release 1-16X speed DVD+R media.
Q: One of our board members takes nearly verbatim transcripts of board and committee meetings on his laptop computer.
Verbatim Corporation has announced the release of its newest addition to the DataLifePlus family--a 680-MB CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) disc, which the company calls a convenient, cost-effective media for storing and editing desktop data.