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Synonyms for verbalization

the act or an instance of expressing in words

the faculty, act, or product of speaking

Synonyms for verbalization

the words that are spoken in the activity of verbalization

the activity of expressing something in words

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Due to these differences, the verbalization of nonfinites can be said to be a characteristic only of songs, rather than folklore in general.
Tacting and manding in correspondence training: effects of child selection of verbalization.
Components for Curriculum Design to Promote Math Processes and Reasoning Math Content Pedagogical Practice * Grades K-5: Whole Numbers * Explicit and systematic * Grades 4-8: Rational Numbers instruction using models of * Word problems based on common proficient problem solving, underlying structures verbalization of thought * 10 minutes in each session processes, guided practice, to build fluent retrieval of corrective feedback, and basic math facts frequent cumulative review * Visual representations of mathematical ideas * Progress monitoring of students * Motivational strategies * Heuristics to organize information and provide opportunites for discussion and self-reflection * Sequential patterns (e.
CRBs may become even more frequent when complaints involve, for example, clients who are too talkative, sometimes speaking without relation to what was said by the interlocutor, and each verbalization may be coded as a CRB1 or a CRB2.
Therefore, the modeler validates the ORM model input constraints through verbalizations.
2010) noted, verbalization of problem-solving skills and thinking processes allows learners to observe the model's decision-making strategies.
This verbalization could be so strenuous that the participants would automatically minimize their need for help: "My need of help has increased, so it has also become a major problem having substitute helpers.
Manifestations present as disordered cognition, attention, sleep-wake pattern of psychomotor behavior and include visual hallucinations, resistance to care or redirection, disoriented verbalization, wandering, aggression and reversed sleep-wake cycle.
There is a small irony here, in that Palmer views the verbalization of thinking in internalist accounts as a telling feature of their unhelpfully abstracted nature.
Therefore, the researcher decided to adapt Moss's coding categories to capture the ways in which a mother might introduce metacognitive ideas and scaffold any emerging capacities in a very young child, including through verbalization of both structuring and metacognitive regulatory tactics.
Jingo Rodriguez was now equipped with a CVU--Canine Verbalization Unit--developed at Quantico, which broadcast the dog's thoughts in the reassuring tones of Donald Rumsfeld's voice.
Emotion and verbalization are also important-but this is a new cue that no one had identified before, said Tamar Kushnir of Cornell University.
Table 1 Discriminative Stimuli and Target Responses for Each Chil Child Discriminative stimulus Eddie Tickling or deny Child shown a Child makes access to preferred toy a basket or preferredtoy knocks down bowling pins Verbalization Stop it
Singing songs was also a different type of verbalization with music to express gratitude to the Buddha as well as to the reverends.
The study used the Preschool PTSD Criteria, which is less reliant on verbalization and abstract thought than DSM-IV PTSD criteria for adults (J.