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Young women unable to verbalise their feelings, values or opinions
He said: "The trigger was a vote in Ireland - I love the Irish and half the parliament's full of Irishmen, but these are people who can't grow potatoes, they've got a mutant lawn weed as their national symbol and they can't verbalise the difference between a tree and the number three.
Communication is a basic human need, a child can experience intense frustration as they cannot verbalise what they want or are thinking.
Finally children will embody as well as verbalise the words around the circle.
Taylor must have high hopes for this year as she tweeted: "Can't even verbalise how stoked I am for 2013
If the child cannot verbalise, request him or her to write it down when they can.
It provides a great outlet for them, especially for those who can't verbalise their thoughts," Sonia Brewin, START Director, said.
Mr Dransfield did not look like a man who wanted to verbalise, or indeed to do anything much at all other than, perhaps, to dive into a convenient hole in the ground and remain there until the cabinet meeting had finished.
Even the council have struggled to verbalise the benefits of BEST in a straightforward way.
It's the little scenes where you're not really sure what they should be and how do you actualise or verbalise what you really want to say that are more difficult.
May I suggest getting away from hurling insults and slagging other churches off, leave the commenting to some one better able to verbalise.
A further sign of the times back then was a perception held by some men that females negotiating, working with or selling to them were fair game and that it was "OK" to verbalise what they would like to do to you and in some instances try touching you inappropriately.
I asked her for a pen and a piece of paper because I couldn't verbalise what I wanted to do.
Other initiatives include the development of a picture snack menu to improve choice for our patients who find it difficult to process questions or verbalise what they would like.