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a noun that is derived from a verb

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57-74), the force of the word is its infinitive character, which is obscured by the verbal noun form it takes on.
It may also be instructive to compare several types of verbal nouns within a single language.
In combination with the verb suru 'do' (light verb) these verbal nouns can be used as complex predicates.
Another problem concerning the syllabification of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] to [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is that this kind of analysis is not able to account for the absence of initial *w in verbal nouns of I-w verbs.
Rowling, Agatha Christie and William Somerset Maugham on the basis of the frequency of the English -ing-forms: verbal noun, gerund, and participle 1 in different functions in the sentence.
The use of the independent gerund isa of the auxiliary verb 'to be' combined with noun and verbal noun can be observed in the present-day Nganasan (Audova 2000).
Likewise the name of a festival with verbal noun points to '(be)smear': 1 [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] eshar sartauwar "one festival of smearing blood" (KUB 46.
Make minishing appears five times The verbal noun is preceded either by the zero article or the quantifier some in all but one example, which takes the definite article.
The noun probably follows in this case because it was understood to be a verbal noun, but this is nowhere explained.
Iraqw NI of type (d) allows for an object that is not referentially indexed by the incorporated (verbal) noun, rather it is the patient of the verbal noun, (20), (21).
Also, the use of the verbal noun suffix -waa in Ader Hausa shows some very interesting idiosyncrasies, both tonally as well as syntactically (at least with speakers of a particular sub-dialect).
Among the topics are meanings of tenses of indicative verbs, meanings of verbal nouns and adjectives, meanings of the tenses outside of the indicative, the construction of compound clauses, and meanings of possibilities of prepositional phrases.
One wonders why, for example, participles were not included in the chapter on verbs, and verbal nouns in the chapter on nouns.