verbal expression

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the communication (in speech or writing) of your beliefs or opinions

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For instance, the resources can be verbal expression (words and grammar used orally and in writing), vocal expression (e.
Male and female patients differ less in relation to the diversification of intelligences, which when contemplated in therapy, generate better results, in terms of the development of comprehension and verbal expression and nonverbal expression.
Among the items of NBRS-R, the questions measuring awareness, difficulty in verbal expression and impaired articulation may be the best indicators of whether the patient will be able to complete the test or not.
If not, there is a new audiobook that proposes to help you improve your overall conversation skills with women, and specifically, advises you on how to make your manner of verbal expression become more confident and highly self-assured, more provocative, and more persuasive and seductive.
I've always been particularly prone to verbal expression.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Probably more than we realize, culture affects our verbal expression and behavior.
Chloe Wigston Smith's Women, Work, and Clothes in the Eighteenth-Century Novel concents the familiar conceit aligning language with clothing, the idea that verbal Expression is the Dress of Thought," as Alexander Pope put it in An Essay on Criticism (1711).
According to our results, an association between high verbal expression and impulsivity and sensation seeking has been observed.
Of course, there is no actual discount window; it is a verbal expression.
Americans rated higher in statements that showed verbal expression of love (p<.
The Absurd hold bi-monthly evenings of spoken word at Clwyd Theatre, which they say "are a celebration of verbal expression, speech, language and the indestructible force of the imagination.
The robust idea of this paper is that a reciprocal relationship exists between the philosophy of general semantics and techniques of verbal expression in general and writing in particular.
In addition, there is weaker evidence that verbal expression of effort can trigger social dialogue acts for all users (on average) when the robot fails to answer the question.
4 but, the verbal expression of anger showed a medium effect size (.