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one of the two main constituents of a sentence


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The verb fare "may be used as an activity, as a state or as a telic predicate" (Bertinetto and Noccetti 19); fare is used only as a dynamic verb in the syntagmatic verb phrases found in the data.
Although the foregoing incorrect constructions under (6) embody other types of errors that do not fall within the concern of the study, focus will be on those parts, which are supposed to be clauses, but look as fragments since no verb phrases are provided due to the possible reasons given in the explanation to follow.
The Japanese modifying verb phrase (mvp) X NIMUKETA is translated as modifying adpositional phrase (map) toward X.
There are two verbless clauses, four embedded headless relative clauses, thirty complex verb phrases and fourteen nominals incorporated into the verb phrase.
In Chapters 4 and 5 the author illustrates the internal make-up of words in Bislama and how they can be combined to form noun and verb phrases.
The experiment concludes that the degree of accuracy in learners' use of parallelism does indirectly reflect proficiency and that parallelism categories are ranked in ascending order of difficulty as follows: verb phrases, adverbs, noun phrases, adjectives, correlative conjunctions, clausal, and comparative structures.
The hyphen is being dropped from standard compounds such as TURNING-POINT but is now appearing in verb phrases (e.
The articles contain abundant information and meticulous insightful analyses of biblical and modern Hebrew expressions, especially verbs and verb phrases, which makes the book an asset for Hebraists interested in the Hebrew verb, whether or not they share Rubinstein's theoretical viewpoint.
He proposed that instructions that use verb phrases such as "goes with," and so forth, may be sufficient to establish equivalent classes in those subjects for whom the relation "goes with" is already an equivalence relation.
These word clusters can be put into categories: noun phrases, verb phrases, adjective phrases and perhaps a few dozen other types.
This massive treatment of the Owa language, which is based primarily in the Solomon Islands, includes a grammar sketch, a phonology, noun phrases, verbs, verb phrases, clause structure, sentences, and a section on discursive nouns.
Complex verb phrases in English tend to have less relevant, background information after more relevant, focused information ever so often.
According to the tense distribution given in [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], the following verb phrases can all be interpreted as the aorist (i.
As regards the possibility of internal modification, primary verb phrases, like most idioms, do not allow any deletion (* We let the cat _ of the bag) nor synonymous replacement (* He finally made up his brain to marry her), though it is possible to insert adjectives modifying nouns (we made some headway).