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one of the two main constituents of a sentence


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The head of the phrase is the word that determines what kind of phrase it is (eg, a verb phrase or a noun phrase).
For example, in the sentence "Fernanda has decided to major in baking and pastry arts," the word has is a helping verb, decided is the main verb, and the verb phrase is has decided.
She bases these conclusions on the following three examples, whose verb phrases are activities, and which, she asserts, form acceptable middles:
The verb fare "may be used as an activity, as a state or as a telic predicate" (Bertinetto and Noccetti 19); fare is used only as a dynamic verb in the syntagmatic verb phrases found in the data.
Modal auxiliaries (can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will, would) --used to build complex verb phrases.
s] entences with a 'no determiner' in the verb phrase such as 'We had no rain since March' or an indefinite pronoun beginning with 'no-' in the verb phrase such as 'I saw no one' function semantically as emphatic counterparts of sentences .
Although the foregoing incorrect constructions under (6) embody other types of errors that do not fall within the concern of the study, focus will be on those parts, which are supposed to be clauses, but look as fragments since no verb phrases are provided due to the possible reasons given in the explanation to follow.
While children in the early word combination stage may produce bare noun and verb phrases, these do not exist in adult English.
This predicate matches two verb phrases VPJ and VPE, the constituent category C is required for the category condition in the transfer rules:
The parser also produces a "constituent" representation of a sentence (showing noun phrases, verb phrases, etc.
The verb phrases in these wangga texts are all complex in that they involve the collocation of an auxiliary verb inflected for person, number, gender and modality of the subject with an uninflected co-verb.
Additionally, in drawings coded as teacher-centered, preservice elementary teachers used verbs or verb phrases such as watching, taking notes, following along, listening, and practicing to describe what students were doing, while in drawings coded as student-centered, the preservice teachers used verbs or verb phrases such as exploring, working together, actively involved, or questioning to describe student behavior.
nuclear-layer serial verb constructions, and finally it presents the verb phrases of Bislama.
The results showed that the most problematic structures were those containing complex verb phrases consisting of one or two auxiliaries plus a verb form.
He then lists the most common manifestations, such as false Latin plurals, number problems, redundantly formed adverbs, unsplit infinitives causing miscues, and unsplit verb phrases.