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one of the two main constituents of a sentence


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Helping verbs are added to the main verb to form a verb phrase.
From chapters 2 to 6, it is possible to find all the papers concerned with innovative methodologies used to elucidate current change in the verb phrase of English.
She bases these conclusions on the following three examples, whose verb phrases are activities, and which, she asserts, form acceptable middles:
Based on this (and other facts) B&M conclude that the lexical NP in sentences in which the object marker co-occurs with the lexical object NP is an adjunct rather than an argument of the verb since it occurs outside of the verb phrase boundary.
Though fare on its own has two semantic arguments: agent and patient, the verb phrase fare blogging has but one: agent.
Modal auxiliaries (can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will, would) --used to build complex verb phrases.
Being the part of Subject phrase, the adjectival phrase, understandably, functions as subject; in the Verb phrase, it is part of complement.
Another major area of difficulty is inability to distinguish between finite and nonfinite verb phrase, which is closely related to the unclear or immature concept of tense as depicted in the following examples.
The following rule states that a noun phrase with head KOTO and a modifying verb phrase with verbal JUUYOU DE ARU and a subject X is translated into a noun phrase with head importance, definite determiner, and a modifying noun phrase of X:
This would be normal usage if both rtedi 'back/top surface' and the free pronoun nganggu 'you and me' were external to the verb, but in this text, rtedi is incorporated into the verb, and the topicaliser =ga, which encliticises nganggu, topicalises the whole of the verb phrase onto which nganggu is tacked.
Available alternatives include extraposing an argument using a topic-comment construction, incorporating an argument into the verb phrase, and ellipsing one or more contextually retrievable arguments.
Koopman, Willem 1990 Word order in Old English, with special reference to the verb phrase.
When there are several auxiliaries in a verb phrase, the adverb should be placed after the first one.
Quereda Rodriguez-Navarro, Luis 1993: A Morphosyntactic Study of the English Verb Phrase.
Consider the verb phrase "take away" and the verb "break" used to describe what would happen to the filibuster rather than a more neutral word like "end.