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one of the two main constituents of a sentence


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Though fare on its own has two semantic arguments: agent and patient, the verb phrase fare blogging has but one: agent.
The first one might be associated with the confusion over the finite/ nonfinite distinction since the first part of the verb phrase is finite while the second is nonfinite, the past participle form.
This predicate matches two verb phrases VPJ and VPE, the constituent category C is required for the category condition in the transfer rules:
It names the totem as Wallaroo and describes the start of his journey in a complex verb phrase.
When the repeated syntactic pattern consists of verbs, the phenomenon is labeled here Verb Phrase Parallelism.
The articles contain abundant information and meticulous insightful analyses of biblical and modern Hebrew expressions, especially verbs and verb phrases, which makes the book an asset for Hebraists interested in the Hebrew verb, whether or not they share Rubinstein's theoretical viewpoint.
Unlike internal arguments, external arguments receive thematic role compositionally, and receive their case out of the verb phrase.
The longer is the periphrastic verb phrase that expresses temporal relations, the more parallel forms are to be found.
Finally, the verb phrase is expanded to a Verb and an optional NP where Verb consists of Aux (helper or modal verb plus the element C) plus a verb.
The basic versions of English and German are more or less similar in this respect, but the complex internal argument is embedded differently in English and German, as the English verb phrase is head-initial and the German verb phrase head-final, or in Haider's (1993) terms, the English and the German verb phrase are subject to alternative interface or domain requirements.
Bruce Fraser (1970) claims that the derivation of idiomatic expressions has to be a different from the one of literal phrases, namely that the lexical insertion of an idiom takes place as if the phrase were a single lexical unit semantically (the verb phrase kick the bucket as the verb die), but then the phrase is "dismantled" to see if its parts also conform to selectional restrictions and to allow for their regular conjugations and declensions.
Like most elementary Persian grammars, Thackston's tends to concentrate on the noun phrase before the verb phrase (-ra is introduced in lesson 6, the present indicative not until lesson 10), but so unobtrusively that complete Persian sentences can be formed from lesson 2 on.
They cover categories and functions, the structure of the verb phrase, syntactic functions, the structure of the noun phrase, adverbial modification, the sentence as utterance, and illocutionary force.
Successful implementation of either strategy will be shown to be subject to different conditions in a language with a head final verb phrase and more or less free word order as opposed to a language with a head initial verb phrase and "rigid" word order.
On the other hand, rent-a-car is a nominal compound cut off from the so-called Verb Phrase (VP), and sometimes used as a modifier of another noun, for example, a rent-a-car company.