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Inflexion belongs both to the noun and verb, and expresses either the relation 'of,' 'to,' or the like; or that of number, whether one or many, as 'man' or 'men '; or the modes or tones in actual delivery, e.
A Sentence or Phrase is a composite significant sound, some at least of whose parts are in themselves significant; for not every such group of words consists of verbs and nouns--'the definition of man,' for example - -but it may dispense even with the verb.
The Germans have another kind of parenthesis, which they make by splitting a verb in two and putting half of it at the beginning of an exciting chapter and the OTHER HALF at the end of it.
In the next place, I would move the Verb further up to the front.
However, it is not well to dwell too much on the separable verbs.
The first project was, to shorten discourse, by cutting polysyllables into one, and leaving out verbs and participles, because, in reality, all things imaginable are but norms.
Instead of qualifying nouns or verbs by the use of adjectives and adverbs, we qualified sounds by intonation, by changes in quantity and pitch, by retarding and by accelerating.
To reck was a short form of the verb to recognise, especially reverentially.
In each of those five sentences, the verb to go is in its present simple form.
In order to briefly contextualise the potential significance of every verb, two interdependent aspects must be emphasised: the finite nature of the text and the lack of neutrality in fictional narratives.
We understand verb classes as groups of verbs that share semantic properties capable of determining their syntactic behavior (LEVIN, 1993; PESETSKY, 1995; GRIMSHAW, 2005; CANCADO; GODOY; AMARAL, 2013).
Maybe the reason for this difficulty is partly because there are so many of them, and also because the combination of verb and particle seems so often completely random.
Spanish is a so-called rich inflectional language with up to 53 inflectional verb forms distributed between regular and irregular verbs (Rojas-Nieto, 2003).
If I want to rewrite the sentence so that the chocolate becomes the subject, I have to put the verb in the passive voice.
Healthcare company Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) on Thursday reported the establishment of the joint venture, Verb Surgical Inc, in collaboration with Verily Life Sciences (formerly Google Life Sciences).