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Synonyms for veracity

Synonyms for veracity

freedom from deceit or falseness

Antonyms for veracity

unwillingness to tell lies

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Griggs must be drawing considerably upon her imagination; there were not lacking those who declared that she had invented the whole account, since her reputation for strict veracity was not wholly unquestioned.
Mrs Wititterly received the attack upon her veracity with exemplary calmness, and listened with the most heroic fortitude to Kate's account of her own sufferings.
As for Jones, he was well satisfied with the truth of what the other had asserted, and believed that Partridge had no other inducements but love to him, and zeal for the cause; a blameable want of caution and diffidence in the veracity of others, in which he was highly worthy of censure.
I knew of none, and for an instant I quailed before the perils of invention; then I replied that I had never met any of his people, and again felt fortified by my veracity.
It required a strong confidence in the locksmith's veracity to lead any one to this belief, for every sense and faculty that Barnahy possessed, seemed to be fixed upon his game, to the exclusion of all other things.
He looked again, and was under the painful necessity of admitting the veracity of his optics; Mrs.
Veracity, the non-invasive pre-natal screening test for Down Syndrome and other genetic disorders, developed by Cypriot researchers, is now available on the local and international markets, Chief Operating Officer of NIPD Genetics, Costas Anastassiades said yesterday.
21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Veracity Networks, Utah's leading provider of business-grade Internet and phone services, today announced the successful launch of a 100 Gigabit backbone fiber optic network with 10 Gigabit delivery speeds for business users in Utah.
A provider of interactive web and voice technology solutions (IVR/IWR) for clinical trial management, Veracity Logic has announced that it has added an expanded support network in a number of Asian countries.
Summary: TEHRAN -- A source at the Iranian Foreign Ministry has denied the veracity of the statements concerning the UAE's islands of Greater and Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa attributed to its spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, which were published on Tuesday on a website affiliated to the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran, noting that the ministry has the legal right to take action against the body responsible for the misinterpretation of those statements.
Provo - VERACITY NETWORKS has expanded its Intemet and phone services to the downtown Salt Lake City area.
The Eklund-Gomes Group, led by managing director Fredrik Eklund and John Gomes, executive vice president of Prudential Douglas Elliman, has been named exclusive sales and marketing team for Veracity Development's latest luxury development, 111 Mercer Street.
Clockwise from top left: John Gomes, executive vice president of Prudential Douglas Elliman, 111 Mercer Street and Fredrik Eklund, managing director of Prudential Douglas EllimanAs construction nears completion at the condominium conversion at 111 Mercer Street, developer Veracity Developments said it is preparing to launch sales in the five-story, four-unit Soho building early next year.
position to confirm the veracity of Wikileaks leaked classified cables.
com)-- Veracity Solutions is proud to announce and welcome Daron Pratt as a new Business Developer.