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the art of projecting your voice so that it seems to come from another source (as from a ventriloquist's dummy)


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This turns out to be advice as good for biographers seeking an opportunity for ventriloquial social criticism as it is for philosophers.
speakers of Naked Lunch, Lee's ventriloquial voices could therefore
49) In the Liverpool concerts of 1899, a concert in Tatlock Street included 'various suitable songs' plus ventriloquial sketches by Mr Ben Taylor and, at a later date, 'very audible and wisely-selected items from the gramophone of Professor C.
The writer wants his story to be heard through Whitman's voice, as a ventriloquial narrative that concurrently emulates and further modulates the precursor's symbolically capacious idiom.
For the show's current venue, however, the curators adopted a more conventional chronological arrangement, which must also help one see the ways in which her journey illustrates its era, quitting myths of existential authenticityand originality to arrive at a hard-won productive acceptance of the ventriloquial aspect of all expression.
We ourselves have found the frogmouth eerie enough even in daylight, not only because of the spooky quality of its wheezes and whistles, but because they are ventriloquial (or there may be two birds involved).
Back in the 1920s, as related in Maria Triaca's limpidly ventriloquial English "autobiography" of her grandmother Amelia Musso Tilbury, Amelia's household in Melbourne boasted a pet sulphur-crested white cockatoo (of a large and handsome species common in the area).
She receives valuable help in data collection from her two daughters and teaching, assistance from her ventriloquial bird dummy.
After her "conversion," some critics judged Brooks's art according to its fulfillment of revolutionary ends, ends that might have encouraged her to unify her hitherto ventriloquial voice and project it as one steady chord, or to subordinate her previous focus on gender to one on race.
He is "orgulloso de su astucia" (69) for devising this ventriloquial method of tooting his own horn.
Of late certainly, and perhaps for a long time before that, Bill seems to have become a kind of clearing house for witticisms, verbal spasms, fits of ventriloquial sprezzatura.
Perhaps they will recoil in horror at the sight of McCamus sticking his hand in surgical incisions to use other characters as ventriloquial dummies.
4) These views are usually housed in Blake's own strenuous admonitions about "the bounding line" (E550) and "Minute Discrimination" (E643), (5) and despite the fact that his verbal practice is nearly always ventriloquial or parodic and his illustrations often emulate the manners of caricature, his own idealization of his technical practice has traditionally led to a fudging of the difference in Blake between (virtually platonic) mimesis and a mimicry more relevant to eighteenth-century satire than to romantic elevation of imagination.
It was provided by such socialists as Mussolini and Lenin who adopted the principle of the Praetorian Guard: a tightly knit vanguard party, which could use the masses as ventriloquial dummies and seek power on its own terms.
All in all, this book manages, intriguingly and compellingly, to reveal a Louise Labe who is both urgently a self and a cluster of personae, whose ability to speak herself depends heavily on her ventriloquial gifts.