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thick-walled muscular pouch below the crop in many birds and reptiles for grinding food

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Mucosal inflammation with ulceration was visible within the proventriculus, and a generalized loss of koilin was observed within the ventriculus (Figs 5D and 5E).
In this case report, sedation for central vein catheterization a girl patient who having severe congestive heart failure with huge mural thrombus in left ventriculus has been presented.
Echocardiogram was repeated to exclude cardiac complications: valvular prothesis in mitral position had normal function, systolic function of the left ventriculus was preserved and no other relevant changes were detected.
The esophagus, proventriculus, and ventriculus (gizzard) were tied off from adjacent sections of the digestive tract to prevent mixing of contents.
The strong, tough muscles of the ventriculus grind the food before it enters the small intestine, where nutrients are absorbed.
The poultry stomach is actually made up of two parts: the glandular proventriculus and the muscular ventriculus or gizzard.
Bacteria were present in large numbers in that structure alone, and not in the ventriculus (or digestive structure) as expected.
Commonly large, stout worms; usually three lips present, less often two or none; esophagus simple, muscular, lacking specializations, occasionally with posterior ventriculus, with or without appendix; intestine occasionally with one or more appendices at esophagointestinal junction; preanal sucker present in a few species; eggs usually with sculptured uterine layer, unembryonated when laid, juveniles infective to host in second (perhaps third) stage; parasites of all classes of vertebrates.
The internal, nonsexual traits measured were the length and area of the stalk connecting the malpighian tubule to the pyloric region of the ventriculus (referred from now on as malpighian tubule).
In dissected adult flies, intense X-gal staining was found in the thoracic nephrocytes [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 8A OMITTED], abdominal pericardial cells [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 8B OMITTED], and two clearly demarcated regions of the ventriculus [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 8C OMITTED
8) The distal proventriculus and the isthmus between the ventriculus and proventriculus are dilated in most cases, and the wall of the proventriculus is thin.
Two birds from each replicate were randomly selected on day 21, weighed, and slaughtered by cervical dislocation, to measure the weight of visceral organs (small intestine, pancreas, liver, proventriculus, ventriculus or gizzard, spleen, bursa of Fabricius).
The excretory pore in Brevimulticaecum is located in front of or at the nerve ring, and the ventriculus presents short appendices.
Samples of the brain, ventriculus, proventriculus, small intestine, pancreas, heart, liver, spleen, lungs, ovary/oviduct, testes, and kidneys were collected and placed into 10%-buffered formalin.
The small intestine was divided into three segments: duodenum (from ventriculus to pancreo-biliary ducts), jejunum (from entry of the bile ducts to Meckel's diverticulum), and ileum (from Meckel's diverticulum to ileo-caecal junction).