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Synonyms for ventricose

having a swelling on one side

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Plants of meadow foxtail Rassvet, Rg-782, Brudzynska, Krinichni, Puszavan, 4-RA local, Donskoi 20, Pioret, and Obski were used as maternal forms for analysis of interspecific hybrids, and ventricose foxtail Dovskoi was used as paternal form.
Cheilocvstidia (16-) 19-27 (-30) x 4-5 (-6) [micro]m, common, forming a sterile edge in the gill, clavateventricose or narrowly ventricose with a long cylindrical apex, sometimes irregularly branched, hyaline.
Morse, ventricose and roaring, with his head set tenuously atop the shaft of his neck, as if they'd given him the wrong size at birth, and Mrs.
Pleurocystidia: Abundant, thick walled, fusiform ventricose with 2-5 hornlike projections at apex.
4 mm, hyaline to light olive green, smooth, transparent, clavate to sub clavate, fusiform to ventricose, apices very narrow.