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an X ray of a vein injected with a radiopaque contrast medium

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Repeat venogram found a kink in the catheter at the junction with the 7 F sheath, presumably caused by cardiac motion.
An MR venogram was performed using 2D time of flight (TOF) with slice thickness of 2 mm with slice gap of 1-2 mm.
On HD 7, a venogram of right upper extremity showed resolution of the venous thrombosis.
Thereafter, a small incision of the vein allows for the insertion of a 23-gauge needle to perform a venogram by iodine contrast.
Unfortunately, the ideal diagnostic procedure for DVT, a CT venogram is not an acceptable screening examination.
A venogram or injection of intravenous dye into the vein can be performed and reviewed by the radiologist instantly.
re-timer (attached detail and must include ventricular, atrial, coronary sinus electrode, deflectable sheath, ball venogram, deflectable catheter)
Patients with confirmed DVT were statistically more likely to have swelling in the affected extremity (81% of those with a positive venogram vs.
While on treatment, after 3 days, the patient again started complaining of diplopia and headache and so keeping in mind the picture of CVT, Magnetic resonance venogram (Figure 1) was done which was suggestive of CVT in right sigmoid sinus and right-sided internal jugular vein.
6 Hence, even if the duplex US is negative but the treating practitioner has a high index of suspicion, a venogram should be performed.
Referrals for a venogram revealed 60% to 70% stenosis of the internal diameter of the fistula within the area of the failed buttonhole site.
The pacemaker implantation procedure was commenced with a venogram (Fig.
A venogram was then conducted, which showed a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) of the right subclavian vein, related to the medial third of the clavicle and first rib with early collateral formation.
In our patient ultrasound scanning was performed to assess the superficial and deep venous systems, and the CT venogram was used to delineate the venous anatomy.