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meat from a deer used as food

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There’s old Hector”— patting with affection a tall hound of black and yellow spots, with white belly and legs, that just then came in on the scent, accompanied by the slut he had mentioned; “see where the wolves bit his throat, the night I druv them from the venison that was smoking on the chimney top—that dog is more to be trusted than many a Christian man; for he never forgets a friend, and loves the hand that gives him bread,”
The injury is but slight, and the bullet has missed the bones; but I believe, sir, you will now admit me title to the venison.
When this was ended, he took up his game, and, showing it to the party without a head, he cried: “ Here is a tidbit for an old man’s Christmas—never mind the venison, boy, and remember Indian John; his yarbs are better than all the foreign ‘intments.
Meanwhile the real Maid Marian discovers that the venison has been sent away to Mother Maudlin's.
The venison pasty soon disappeared, and the roast pheasant flew at as lively a rate as ever the bird itself had sped.
That while he tendered to Alice the gourd of sweet water, and the venison in a trencher, neatly carved from the knot of the pepperidge, with sufficient courtesy, in performing the same offices to her sister, his dark eye lingered on her rich, speaking countenance.
Twenty times the gourd or the venison was suspended before his lips, while his head was turned aside, as though he listened to some distant and distrusted sounds--a movement that never failed to recall his guests from regarding the novelties of their situation, to a recollection of the alarming reasons that had driven them to seek it.
So, old woman, you can give us a few steaks of the venison, and then we will sleep on the day's work.
When each had assumed his proper and customary place around the smoking viands, the squatter set the example by beginning to partake of a delicious venison steak, prepared like the hump of the bison, with a skill that rather increased than concealed its natural properties.
As a substitute, therefore, for venison and buffalo meat, the travellers had to purchase a number of dogs to be shot and cooked for the supply of the camp.
I see traces of the turtle soup, and venison, and gold spoon in this.
for I would have been sworn that the fat buck which furnished this venison had been running on foot within the week.
Holy Clerk,'' said the knight, when his hunger was appeased, ``I would gage my good horse yonder against a zecchin, that that same honest keeper to whom we are obliged for the venison has left thee a stoup of wine, or a reinlet of canary, or some such trifle, by way of ally to this noble pasty.
issues of North American Whitetail, here I'm sharing some special venison recipes that are particularly well suited to the holiday season.
From a choice of Anglesey sea bass, Breconshire venison and Welsh lamb, amongst others, I opted for the venison (PS24).