venial sin

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a pardonable sin regarded as entailing only a partial loss of grace

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Differently, the venial sin, for not being contrary to charity, does not exclude the virtues and can coexist with both the acquired and the infused ones.
Since the priest uncovered the chalice immediately after what was later called the "Liturgy of the Word," that meant someone could miss the readings (and sometimes the sermon) and only have committed a venial sin.
Venial sins are commonly divided into faults of surprise and deliberate sins.
Lehmkuhl, for example, stressed that receiving communion once or twice a week demanded that the individual be free of inclination even to venial sin, let alone mortal sin.
That is only a venial sin, whereas child rape is rather a mortal one.
In less than five seconds we had blown right through venial sin and were quickly overtaking mortal.
Thus, a mortal sin is always voluntary, whereas a venial sin may contain little or no realice or be committed out of ignorance.
In analyzing the differences between Catholic and Protestant positions on the effect of the death of Jesus on original sin and postbaptismal actual sin, the author discusses Catholics and venial sin, but not mortal sin.
In that aforementioned 1843 moral theology, Bishop Kenrick also instructed confessor-priests that it was a married woman's right to coax herself to climax "by touches" if she didn't experience orgasm during intercourse, that a man who ignored his wife's pleasure was guilty of a venial sin of omission and that--contrary to some Victorian counsel urging women to distract themselves during lovemaking to avoid orgasm--the woman should yield to her body, the intentional avoidance of orgasm being a mortal sin.
At no moment in history, except in the second half of the twentieth century, did Catholic moralists consider gluttony, which is today a moral sin, anything more than a venial sin (Pitte, 1991).
His Holiness has called you together in order to wrestle the phantom runaway bull of false accusations to the ground and smother it like a venial sin in a blanket full of indulgences.
26) Thus Gawain leaves Hautdesert for the Green Chapel made clean of all his sins by the sacrament of penance, including his venial sin of withholding the lady's girdle from her lord in the game of the Exchange of Winnings.
Concepts such as mortal and venial sin, original sin, sanctifying grace, justification, punishment, merits, liberty -- all our key words -- have their history.
On these occasions, Aquinas declared, the utterance constitutes a venial sin because it did not involve rational choice.
124: '"It isn't sin, not even venial sin, not even an 'imperfection', but it is uncommonly ungentlemanly