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The corn leaves burned to a crisp brown, the ground cracked and broke into cakes and dust piled high in thick, velvety folds on weeds and grass.
After a velvety oyster soup came shad and cucumbers, then a young broiled turkey with corn fritters, followed by a canvas-back with currant jelly and a celery mayonnaise.
Gradually the Thing sank lower and nearer to the ground until at length it came to rest within the beautiful gardens of Glinda, settling upon a velvety green lawn close by a fountain which sent sprays of flashing gems, instead of water, high into the air, whence they fell with a soft, tinkling sound into the carved marble basin placed to receive them.
And when she strummed the guitar and sang liquid, velvety Hawaiian hulas, he sat entranced.
The few bared open spaces on the upland, the long stretch of rocky ridge near the summit, so vivid and so velvety during their first journey, were now burnt and yellow; even the brief openings in the forest were seared as if by a hot iron in the scorching rays of a half year's sun.
A coating that one observer might describe as velvety, another may find silky.
The gift box is composed of: Nettari Preziosi -- Gardenia Reale -- bath and shower gel (200ml) which cleanses and releases a velvety elegance of Royal Gardenia fragrance; Nettari Preziosi -- Gardenia Reale -- body milk (200ml) which softens and hydrates the skin, making it velvety to the touch and deliciously aromatic; and Comea in a metal printed box for safe keeping.
The New York flavor is classic and simple in its velvety sweetness; the Chocolate is rich and dark in flavor (with a fabulous chocolate crust); the Strawberry is thick, creamy, and bursting with fruitiness; and the Key Lime is tangy and sweet in perfect balance.
It has soft, velvety, dark maroon petals and a distinct chocolate fragrance, making it a great hit with children.
Created to allow coffee to take center stage, the flat white merges rich espresso flavor with creamy, velvety milk.
We loved the texture of the fudge from DER DUTCHMAN (we tried chocolate and peanut butter varieties), which was velvety, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth good--the most fudge-like of all we sampled.
Tropez is renowned for fabulous tanning solutions and this lightweight, easy to apply, velvety mousse is no exception.
com Dust this velvety soft powder all over your body and your face for a sunkissed glow.
Today's runners are Stalactite and Greek War at Newmarket, Safety Check at Ascot and Velvety at York.