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Synonyms for velocipede

any of several early bicycles with pedals on the front wheel

a vehicle with three wheels that is moved by foot pedals

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The first two-wheeled motorised velocipede I got my hands on was an NSU Quickly moped I found at the back of my dad's shed.
Spelling: Can you spell beneficence, supersede, etymology, velocipede, liquefy and zephyr?
As the popularity of the velocipede increased, the design was quickly exported to England where it became known as the 'hobby horse' or 'pedestrian curricle'.
El secretario de Victor Hugo, Richard Lesclide, fundo en 1869 una revista a la que llamo "Le velocipede illustre" y publico bajo seudonimo el libro "Tour du monde a velocipede", de exclusivo tema deportivo.
It is likely that Ernest Michaux, elder son of coach builder Pierre Michaux, applied this type of crank-driven front wheel to an old draisine, thus creating the first pedal-driven velocipede, which would become known as the "boneshaker" in Britain.
He invented a velocipede, that was a sort of tricycle with wooden wheels, and used the hot water from his workshop to heat the pub.
The Velocipede Society are already planning to stage their festival here next year," he said.
It began innocently enough when I opened the front door of Comber Towers one evening last week in order to bring in my trusty velocipede for the night and I spotted, glistening in the moonlight, a rather impressive spider's web across the top of the door frame.
Older and wiser now, I chose a "College Ices, perfect following a round on your friend's velocipede - one scoop of ice cream topped with a topping of your choice - for only $6.
Blackwood's compares the fad of spontaneous sonnet writing in the metropolis to that of the velocipede, the prototype of the bicycle and "nothing of the day," the news of which Keats duly reports to his brother and sister-in-law in a letter of the same year (LJK 2:69).
Ces memes annees virent un developpement remarquable dans le secteur des sciences et des techniques avec notamment la premiere exposition internationale sur l'electricite en 1881, l'invention du moteur a explosion et de l'automobile, du velocipede, de la pellicule photo, de la linotype.
Brian Trent is a genre-spanning writer of both fiction and nonfiction whose work has appeared in Clarkesworld, Electric Velocipede, Strange Horizons, the Humanist, Boston Literary Magazine, and Writer's Digest, among other publications.
Variously called a high wheel or velocipede, it was also dubbed a bone shaker.