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Synonyms for velocipede

any of several early bicycles with pedals on the front wheel

a vehicle with three wheels that is moved by foot pedals

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Histoire du velocipede depuis les temps les plus recules jusqu'a nos jours (Paris, 1891), p.
The wire-spoked wheel first was employed in France on a machine made by Eugene Meyer, but it was the English manufacturers who quickly eclipsed the French velocipede makers, starting in 1870, by intergrating this development in large-scale manufacturing.
Paul Newman voices his feelings through "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head," as he pedals the newfangled velocipede to the amusement of Kathryn Ross in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)--"because I'm free, nothing's worrying me.
Winnipeg was still a small frontier outpost when the first bicycle -- a velocipede -- made its appearance on its streets in 1875.
The scooter - originally little more than a self-propelled hobbyhorse that was called a velocipede in the early 19th century - is fast becoming the ride de rigueur of university women.
Team Velocipede broke the record when the hand built recumbent bicycle, named ARION1, reached speeds of 75.
Learner bikes date back to the 1990s and are have their origins in the velocipede, invented in the early 19th century.
There is no doubt that this motorized velocipede will soon attract a large number of friends since it can be expected that it will prove to be extremely practical and useful for doctors, travellers, sportsmen and others.
For the foreseeable future," said Doug Gold, Principal of Velocipede Research, "the most common LAN/WAN architectures in the customer environment will have to accommodate TDM and ATM technologies.
This year's winners are, respectively: BLIP Design and Velocipede Architects; Green Leaf Construction, Martha Rose Construction, Inc.
The bike, which Patrick Harper, a member of the university's Velocipede Team (UVL) describes as 'a bullet with wheels,' doesn't look like a bike .
MR B may well fire up his two-wheeled gentlemen's personal conveyance for the Wirral Egg Run on March 28, but he is a little concerned about how he will get to New Brighton Promenade on time to join thousands of other motorised velocipede riders.