velar consonant

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a consonant produced with the back of the tongue touching or near the soft palate


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The phonemic shape of the morpheme is <-na> if it is preceded by a velar consonant as in (52), (53) and (54).
The highly infrequent syllable-final labial consonant is patterning itself off of the far more frequent syllable coda velar consonant, as will be explained in the following section.
The point this study tries to make is that there are many consonants with additional articulatory features in other dialects of Igbo and not only the three labialized velar consonants represented in the standard variety.
Several studies of Brazilian Portuguese have demonstrated the processes most often observed in phonologic disorders, such as simplification of consonant encounter, simplification of liquid consonants, elimination of the final consonant, deafening of fricative or plosive consonants, frontalization of palatal consonants, simplification of velar consonants and plosivization of fricative consonants.
w/, it also changes the primary position of the alveolar and velar consonants /t, k, x, ts, n/ moving them toward the palatal region (Dieterman 2008).