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a net of transparent fabric with a loose open weave

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This sentiment passed rapidly through William's mind as he was holding Amelia's hand, whilst the handkerchief was veiling her eyes.
There, as elsewhere, the return of day is inseparable from some sense of renewed hope and gladness; but the light shining on the dreary waste of water, and showing it in all its vast extent of loneliness, presents a solemn spectacle, which even night, veiling it in darkness and uncertainty, does not surpass.
False priests, false prophets, false doctors, false patriots, false prodigies of every kind, veiling their proceedings in mystery, have always addressed themselves at an immense advantage to the popular credulity, and have been, perhaps, more indebted to that resource in gaining and keeping for a time the upper hand of Truth and Common Sense, than to any half-dozen items in the whole catalogue of imposture.
Pickwick that the air of Eatanswill not agreeing with his lady, she was then engaged in making a tour of different fashionable watering-places with a view to the recovery of her wonted health and spirits; this was a delicate veiling of the fact that Mrs.
Done, I say,' added Sampson, rubbing his hands and veiling himself again in his usual oily manner.
If these types of veiling are widely unpopular among European Muslims, why were they also the source of significant public debate and a key concern in European electoral campaigns?
The Anti-Burqa Movement in Western Europe' examines the European movement against face veiling, and the legislation being passed to criminalize it.
The latest trend is the birdcage veil, a cap-like hat that features Russian dotted veiling, jewels and even feathers.
Presenting conclusions after six months of hearings, the panel also suggested barring foreign women from obtaining French visas or citizenship if they insisted on veiling their faces.
This engaging collection of essays not only discusses the traditional veiling that we in the United States often associate with Islam, but also how religion, culture, power and clothing intersect through women's dress.
In the second chapter, Kessler considers the function of makeup as another kind of veiling.
While veiling isnCOt a law in Yemen, society still considers it a compulsory necessity to be protected.
The issue of veiling has occupied a huge amount of media airtime and column inches in Britain over recent weeks.