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composed of vegetation or plants

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The phytophysiognomies, Seasonal Decidual Submontante Forest, Moist Broadleaf Forest of Lowlands, Mangroves, Upper Montane Vegetational Refuges, Arboreous Steppic Savanna and Savanna/Broadleaf Forest are found at a single locality each.
The flora and vegetational communities of Wilbur Wright Fish and Wildlife Area, Henry County, Indiana.
5 m has revealed that the lower part of the inferred succession represents a former mangrove or estuarine swamp vegetational environment.
We related the observed pattern of species distributions among sites to the vegetational and elevational composition of sites using Redundancy Analysis (RDA; ter Braak and Prentice, 1988; ter Braak and Smilauer, 2002) as implemented in CANOCO for Windows v.
8) Arthur Tansley, 'The Use and Abuse of Vegetational Concepts and Terms', Ecology 16 (1935), 284-307.
We used arcsin transformations of proportional data (relative cover of vegetational components and proportion of introduced species) to improve their approximation to a normal distribution and to equalize variances.
Aphidophagous Crysopid and Hemerobiid (Neuropteroidea) subguilds in different maize fields: influence of vegetational diversity on sub guild structure.
As a consequence of this vegetational dynamic, many Pleistocenic refuges were formed in this small region at central-southeastern South American continent.
His research focused on the floristics of the vascular flora and vegetational history of the Great Lakes region.
H, "Aims and Methods of vegetational Ecology", John Wiley and Sons, New York 1974; pp 547
Most of these areas were situated on privately owned land where the vegetational history was relatively well known.
Gammage finds evidence to support his thesis of habitat mosaics in all climatic and vegetational regions.
The route passes through a few different climatic and vegetational zones, providing riders with a feast for the senses during the 117 miles of curvy spectacular roads.
Transect tallies show sustained perennial forage plant diversity compared to less-rich semi-arid or montane vegetational compositions.
It has a great diversity in the area of its natural components that comprises of varied topography, climatic conditions as well as vegetational patterns.