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a diet excluding all meat and fish

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I know that vegetarianism works because when I am at lacrosse practice my friends always joke with me, saying I'm on the vegetables because I am always running and full of energy.
I do, but the argument that vegetarianism is a good and responsible Christian spiritual practice is considerably narrower than the wide scope promised in the title to this volume, and I can't quite decide if that gap is the book's greatest strength or weakness.
The Brit singer asserted that his daughter had been a vegetarian since she was born and he kept getting tempted to go back to vegetarianism but he did not eat too much meat.
CAMPAIGNERS: Fans of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney held placards in support of vegetarianism
It's one of those pieces of received wisdom that everyone just assumes is true but Hitler's biographers, many of whom knew him personally, all record his enjoyment of Bavarian sausages, stued pigeon breasts and other distinctly meaty dishes, and there's no evidence at all that he had any sympathy with vegetarianism as a cause.
Vegetarianism landed here with our first settlers, among groups such as Bible Christians and followers of Sylvester Graham.
The study includes a nutritional approach and the relationship between vegetarianism and disease prevention, discusses the socio-environmental perspective and, finally, presents a historical and cultural context.
Animal rights and vegetarianism for ethical reasons are positions gaining in influence in contemporary American culture.
Puja, who is gearing up for the release of her upcoming film Go Goa Gone , a zombie comedy co- produced by Saif Ali Khan, is seen on the campaign poster wearing an outfit made entirely of lettuce leaves and other vegetables, with the catchphrase ' Let Vegetarianism Grow on You'.
The literature on exiting central identities in general and exiting meat-based diets in particular guides our study of exiting vegetarianism.
Food for the soul; vegetarianism and yoga traditions.
Yet consumers who are considering a switch to vegetarianism may have questions about various aspects of the diet and lifestyle.
SIR Paul McCartney wrote to the Indian Prime Minister asking him to declare a national day to "celebrate vegetarianism and compassion towards animals".
Summary: Pamela Anderson has joined an elite group of speakers after talking about vegetarianism at Oxford Union.
The dietician to Bollywood stars such as Kareena Kapoor, Asin and Saif Ali Khan believes vegetarianism is not just about going green or giving up on your favourite meat.