vegetable patch

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a small garden where vegetables are grown

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The private rear garden is divided into sections allowing for a patio, play area and vegetable patch to satisfy the needs of all the family.
With its huge leaves and red stalks, easy-to-grow rhubarb makes a great addition to a border, vegetable patch or patio.
Akele Hi grew the monster veg, which is 5ft 7ins long and weighs 154lbs, on his vegetable patch in Hefei, southern China.
Apparently the US commander in chief dislikes beetroot so much he's banned the missus from growing them in the White House vegetable patch.
Yes, there is the image of Granddad Gramps mowing through grandma's vegetable patch replete with a rooster sitting astride his knitted hat and Grandma vacuuming using a 'Senior Sucker' cleaner as Gramps snores his head off.
This continues right through winter or until the whole future vegetable patch is done.
The oasis includes a 2,000-metre cube pond, home to a variety of fish, turtles and ducks and a vegetable patch where local fruits and vegetables grow.
Nabisco could probably supply enough veggies for both lines with a vegetable patch in the CEO's parking spot.
Kathryn Orvis, send them to The Vegetable Patch, Jack and Jill, Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206.
Start preparing for this year's gardening efforts with a good browse round the online vegetable patch (www.
In November, Manual Woodworkers & Weavers will introduce Vegetable Patch in a collection of woven products.
In the vegetable patch, widening planting rows to I to 3 feet not only ensures a larger harvest, but also lets you use sowing methods that save time over sowing single file.
The viewing tower provides the focal point of the garden, which includes a wetland area, wildflower meadow, and a vegetable patch.
There's a large garden at the back of the house with a lawn, patio, gravel drive to the original brick garage, hedges, shrubs, trees, a vegetable patch area and old stone block paving.
There is a cottage-style front garden and back garden with large lawns, patio areas, mature trees, and vegetable patch, garden shed and greenhouse.