vegetable matter

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matter produced by plants or growing in the manner of a plant

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Further vegetable matter that had been ground up was found in the living room, Mr Wills said.
In this version of the recipe, I've added leeks and cabbage, both for sweetness and to add a little vegetable matter.
Aflatoxin is a widely occurring and harmful mycotoxin produced by strains of Aspergillus species that grow on vegetable matter.
Unprotected exposure to the colourless and odourless gas formed by the decomposition of animal and vegetable matter can be fatal.
We grouped food items as animal matter (adult invertebrates and invertebrate larvae), vegetable matter (berries), other items (snail shells and rocks), and unknown.
Normally plants help regulate temperature by absorbing carbon dioxide and sealing it away in vegetable matter but without plants, levels of the greenhouse gas rose unchecked, causing temperatures to rise.
With the growth of their business for frozen industrial products, they decided that product purchased from outside suppliers needed additional quality controls, to ensure that foreign materials (FM), extraneous vegetable matter (EVM) and colour defects are not present.
C elegans often feed on decaying fruit and vegetable matter.
It zeros in on and expels foreign contaminants introduced externally or during food packaging, in addition to identifying and ridding the processing line of extraneous vegetable matter and color defects.
Gigantic separators pick out the cans, plastic goods, metals and glass while vegetable matter is passed to a compost plant for agricultural use.
They eat almost any animal and vegetable matter, alive or dead, including bird droppings.
They may be composed of hair (trichobezoars), vegetable matter (phytobezoars), milk curd (lactobezoars), and, very rarely, stones (lithobezoars) (3).
The SBA environmental team has also conducted its own tests, which support the theory that this is turtle-poo, since the material is composed entirely of vegetable matter, contains organisms not found in mammals and has only appeared during the turtle breeding season.
It is also believed that the consumption of vegetable matter such as grass may also aid in digestion, increasing the fibre content of the diet and stimulating the release of certain digestive enzymes.
Knowledge that composting only works well with vegetable matter, that you'll need a second scrap bucket, and you'll need a critter to consume the meat and milk waste.