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a gymnastic horse without pommels and with one end elongated

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Gymnastics is an athletic sport which encompasses tumbling, running, jumping, swinging and stationary displays of strength, flexibility and balance, often making use of various items of equipment such as spring-boards, vaulting horses and suspended bars.
Apparatus, such as the vaulting horse, was designed to teach soldiers how to mount and dismount a horse.
It provides a range of school equipment, including netballs and vaulting horses, chemicals and test tubes and kindergarten equipment.
Because instead of being chased around the vaulting horses and so on like everyone else, I'd just attach myself to the wall bars on or around the starting line and keep very quiet.
The grant money has allowed it to purchase a range of equipment including vaulting horses, beams and crash mats.
Novara provides a wide range of school equipment, ranging from netballs and vaulting horses to chemicals and test-tubes and kindergarten equipment.