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Synonyms for vaulted

Synonyms for vaulted

having a hemispherical vault or dome


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But Fagan persuaded the overseeing committee and now new houses along the water's edge are encouraged to emulate Paradys's low vaulted profile.
Sprague was a pole vaulter for California State University, Fresno, where he once vaulted 17 feet, 6 inches.
Male vaulters routinely vaulted with poles 10 pounds or more under their body weight.
This clientless interface delivers a Google-like search mechanism that lets administrators find Vaulted passwords based on any number of customizable criteria, including IP Address, device type (server, router) and password types.
Also included in this version is a new Disaster Recovery module to ensure availability of Vaulted systems in the event of the physical destruction or failure of servers.