vaudeville theater

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a theater in which vaudeville is staged

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The theater first opened its doors in 1925 as a Vaudeville theater and movie house.
Hayes has taken the plain but passionate governess of 1847 Britain all over the place, from the Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland to an old vaudeville theater in Montana.
Lewistown) was built in 1927 in the Georgian Revival style as a motion-picture vaudeville theater during the "golden era" of movie palaces of the 1920s.
In the late 1980s, when Albany was undertaking a major downtown urban renewal project, Culpo's school and her company--now renamed the incorporated, nonprofit Albany Berkshire Ballet--were invited to become the city's official ballet studio and professional group in residence at the Palace Theater, a large, renovated vaudeville theater reborn as a performing arts center.
Series 2003A bond proceeds, along with the junior bond proceeds, cash on hand, and excess incremental revenue will be used to renovate the Balboa Theater, a vaudeville theater the agency owns and currently is not used.
Al worked his way through Columbia University - taking odd jobs in vaudeville theaters and pool halls - before earning a Ph.
The company, which manages vaudeville theaters and entertainers, did not release figures in the corresponding period of last year as it started disclosing quarterly earnings with the just-ended quarter.
Vaudeville theaters courted a mixed-gender clientele by offering entertainment less raunchy than was seen in the concert saloons.
By 1925 Smith was at the height of her success, performing with her traveling show, supporting a husband, and having flings with her chorus girls when she wasn't chasing away Ku Klux Klansmen from vaudeville theaters by saying, "You just pick up them sheets and run.
The sales fall is attributable to decreased revenues resulting from selling all shares of its restaurant subsidiary, which more than offset increased revenues in its mainstay management of vaudeville theaters and its comic-show business.
The brothers, who had the advantage of free access to the vaudeville theaters where their musician parents played, were self-taught.
a major entertainment firm engaged mainly in management of vaudeville theaters and comic shows, said Friday it took a blow from a 41.
The pioneers of modern dance, often performing in vaudeville theaters, chose classical or exotic subjects.