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Synonyms for vaticination

something that is foretold by or as if by supernatural means

Synonyms for vaticination

knowledge of the future (usually said to be obtained from a divine source)

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36) While a point-by-point reevaluation of Czegledy's often labyrinthine interpretation of Bahram Cobin's apocalyptic vaticination exceeds the scope of this article, a few pointed remarks should be made in light of this article's central thesis, given recent attempts to breathe new life into it.
We buzzed valiantly, but in the end vaticination got us; when you sting too much in the early rounds, you die; our team suffered from colony collapse disorder, but victory would have been honey-sweet," said Ms.
This implication is given substance at a later juncture in this same work, at which Gerald pauses in his account of the invasion completely to redirect the significance of both his Irish treatises, describing himself "leaving to future generations and to my homeland this History of Vaticination, along with the Topographia Hibernica, as monuments of my diligence" ("cum Hibernica Topographia vaticinalem hanc historiam, nostrae monumenta diligentiae, posteris et patriae relinquentes" [II, Incipit]).
Registre de haute tenue oratoire oE ne se glissait jamais aucune ombre de vaticination demagogique.
Still, the ambiguities of Steppenwolf, along with its use of multiple perspectives and mirroring techniques, make it far more interesting than the bland dualisms and vaticinations of Siddhartha or Narziss und Goldmund.
There is also the noise of the rain outdoors, "orchestrated by a mischievous Wagner, up there" and punctuated by the vaticinations of Aunt Assiki.
L'objectif serait en fin de compte de moduler et d'alterer l'ordre originel de ces mots et ces lettres [beaucoup moins que]a telle enseigne que le texte aurait pu engendrer son propre contraire et promettre d'obscures vaticinations.